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New outdoor camera does not download clips

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Last night I called Google support to complain once again that I was unable to download clips from my 2nd Gen video camera.

The tech (Fernando) advised me that my Basic Nest Aware subscription must be upgraded to Plus.


I told him that the Nest app doesn't support the New "Nest Camera 2nd Gen". It is in the Google Home app.


He told me it would work. I was not planning to have the Plus package, never needed it.

He pushed and pushed this as a fix. Finally, I upgraded it. Paying another 53 dollars. He said if it didn't work he would assist me with a refund. 

Now I have continual feed but still can't download clips. I don't have a clip download or anything like it on the History selection. Just the clip itself.. I do On the 1st Gen. I have a selection at the top which takes me to Nest. 

So he put me on hold to talk to his Support Buds about the issue. About 10 mins later he comes back on the line and hangs up.


I got a follow-up email generated from the conversation that said the incident was closed.

So I texted back that he hung up and he needed to call me. I got a message back that he tried to call me. But, he DID NOT.

So now I am stuck with an additional Nest Aware Upgraded subscription package that I never wanted or needed. Plus, a tech that handles a ticket with Classic Avoidance. Thirdly, Google solicited me to upgrade my Nest Aware during a support call because it was the only fix but it didn't work.




Google Nest's online instructions for downloading a clip from the Google Home app ( are wrong. They've been told they are wrong but they still haven't corrected the instructions.

In the Google Home app, select your camera select "History", then select "Full History". When the event you want to download is displayed, click on the "More" icon (the 3 dots) in the upper right corner and select "Save clip to device".

On iOS, you then have to give the Google Home app permission to access your camera roll/photos; I don't know whether there's an equivalent step on the Android version.

Yes, this was my reason for contacting Google last night. What you suggested is not an option on my phone. It's just not there. It might be missing because of the type of phone I have. 


I think what Google is doing is making us pay for a nest aware plus subscription.

Which is essentially buying 2 subscriptions. 1 for the 1st Gen devices and 1 for the 2nd Gen devices. 


I appreciate your time and effort to help with this. 


A Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus subscription covers ALL of the cameras and doorbells in the same Google/Nest "home/structure" on the same Google Account. This means both the old cameras accessed in the Google Nest app and the new cameras accessed in the Google Home app. We have some of both, and our Nest Aware Plus subscription covers all of them.

I have no idea why the "Save clip to device" option under "More" when viewing an event in the Google Home app is not present on your phone.  Do you have the most recent version of the Google Home app?

  • Yes I do. I have been a Nest and Google user for years. In fact, I have 18 Google devices in my home that assist me on a daily basis.

I have used  Nest Aware since before it covered all cameras and covered only 1 camera per subscription. 


The basic does cover all cameras. However,

This tech said I needed the Nest Aware Plus so that I could have continual recording use and that triggers and allows Google Home to download clips like the Nest app does. Plus, it would work just like the Nest app by  coveribg all 1st Gen cameras.

You can't see a 2nd Gen camera in Nest. You have to view it from Google Home. You can see all cameras in Google home.


You can only download 1st Gen clips in Nest. Google home has a Nest bottom at the top right of the screen that takes you to Nest to record clips.

That Button is not there for the 2nd Gen camera in Google Home, I mean the 3 dots section is not there with Google Home. There is nothing there.


The Tech said the upgraded and  added feature in Plus would allow me to download the clips in Google home. 

It does not. That fix was worthless. I would rather just get a 1st Gen camera and give Google their 2nd Gen back. It's a very bad replacement for their cameras. I know that is not an option and it looks like there is no fix


We can download clips in the current production iOS version of the Google Home app.

Are you by any chance using the "PREVIEW" version of the Google Home app? The "Save clip to device" option--as well as all Settings--seems to be missing in the "PREVIEW" version, at least in the Android version:

I have a few google apps that I have signed up to beta test. However, Google Home was not one. So I do not have PREVIEW in Google Home.  Could you attach a screen shot to show where you are accessing your clips in the Home Google app? I never minded paying for the 30 day stream and clips but to pay for 60 days of continual streaming without being able to download clips in Google Home like I can in Nest is an outrageous price at double the basic subscription cost,


Here is a screen shot showing the "Save clip to device" option for our battery camera. This is in the current production version of the Google Home app (we don't have the "preview" version), accessed by clicking on an event and then clicking on the "More" icon (the 3 dots) in the upper right corner.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

@tiredmomybonn I'm dropping by to ensure that everything is covered here. Were you able to perform the steps suggested above? We'd be glad to hear from you — We'd like to make sure everything is working.
I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.


No No and No. I still can't download the clips using the 2nd Gen. 





If you go to Settings | Nest Aware in the Google Home app, does it show your Nest Aware Plus subscription?

If you go to your camera in the Google Home app and go to Settings | Video | Video history, does it show your Nest Aware Plus subscription? If you select Video history, is the "60-day event and 10-day video history" option checked?

If so, you should be able to click on History under your live video feed, and then select Full History, and then select an event from those that are shown, and then click on the "More" icon (the 3 dots), and then select "Save clip to device" (see screen capture in earlier post).

I can't tell which camera you have. If you have the Google Nest Camera (Battery) and it is plugged in, you get up to 10 days of 24/7 video history and up to 60 days of event video history; if it is not plugged in you only get up to 60 days of event video history (even if you have a Nest Aware Plus subscription).

If you have the new Google Nest Indoor Camera (the 2nd gen version), you get up to 10 days of 24/7 video history and up to 60 days of event video history.

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it is terrible that you cannot store videos for more than a few hours or even download them without a subscription. what if something happens in the middle of the night?  by the time you wake up the clip is no longer accessible by the user (but you KNOW google has it).  ridiculous