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Peeling Doorbell outside of warranty

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I also have a Nest Hello doorbell that is peeling and out of warranty, and I contacted Google via chat this morning to see what they would do.  After spending a lot of time on chat, providing everything requested, I was told that they could not replace it because it is out of the warranty period. I have seen on threads where people were getting replacements even outside of the warranty period due to this issue.

So why can’t Google offer a replacement of the ugly peeling doorbell with the new doorbell?  Isn’t this an option for those “RARE” peeling issues for a visually defective product?  I have lots of money invested in google security products in my home (as others do) and I was shocked at the lack of company support (though agent Steve was pleasant).

I think this issue is not RARE and they don’t want to offer a solution because they will be replacing a lot of doorbells so they would rather just ignore the issue and force us to live with it or spend OUR money on their visual defect.  This product was designed to be outside so it should hold up outside.

Google, why would this be your way of handling customer support for your products?   You should at least offer a discount for a replacement since it IS a product material issue vs. a “sorry for your luck”.  So disappointing.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


Thank you for your patience on your Replacement inquiry. We have sent an email to you to collect some information. Please fill it out and respond as soon as you can. This thread will now be locked to keep this request organized for your convenience. 


A case has been created, and your Case Number is: 5-3056000031938


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