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Recently bought a home that has a nest doorbell (wired) already installed

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I recently bought a home that has a wired doorbell already installed, I've already read how to unlock it from the mount and scan the code on the back, but the instructions for set up want me to turn the breaker off and take apart my chime system. Is there a way for me to negate all of this fluff and just have it put on my app since its already installed?




I don't know what instructions would tell you to take apart your chime system in order to reinstall your doorbell in the Google Home app, as long as it was wired correctly originally, with the chime puck wired to the chime.

I think things will go better if the previous owner removed the doorbell from the Google Home app while their Wi-Fi network was still live (; otherwise you may get an error that the doorbell is still attached to another account. If the doorbell was online when the previous owner did the removal, that should also have performed a factory reset automatically.

If the previous owner didn't do that, you can try doing a factory reset (, and then reinstall it in the Google Home app by scanning the QR code on the back (or by selecting "Continue without scanning" and entering the 6-character alphanumeric Setup Code on the back), and hope you don't encounter that "attached to another account error). (While you're at it, write down the 6-character Setup Code and keep it.)

I don't know whether you even have to disconnect the doorbell from its wiring. You might want to turn off the breaker for the circuit that includes the doorbell while you do the factory reset, so you don't get a slight shock from the doorbell wires, but doorbells are quite low voltage.

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No need to turn off the breaker.  

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


@Cheffx, thank you for reaching out to the community. To know more about this issue, I’d like to confirm, what is the light status of your Nest Doorbell while setting it up? Have you performed the reset steps? It is required to reset it when linking it to a new email address. Also, you don't have to turn off your breaker or take off your chime system, just hit next to proceed with the setup.


Looking forward to your response.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer and sterlinghawk.