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Remove and Recharge Doorbell Every 4-7 Days

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I'm reaching my limit with the Nest Doorbell (battery). I need to disconnect and recharge my doorbell every 4-7 days. It will read infinity (plugged in) for 3-4 days and then go dead 1-3 days later. I will have to remove it and plug it in indoors. This is in no way convenient. I would never have purchased knowing this was the case. Options?!?




If you live where there are cooler temperatures, you might want to look at this very long thread in this forum:

And this article on 9to5Google:

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

As @MplsCustomer mentions, do check out the cold weather thread.  If it's cold where you live, that will most definitely contribute to your issues, or even make the doorbell unusable depending on how cold and how long it's cold.

In terms of how to deal with the issue overall, you can try to use zones to trim down the number of detected events, or reduce overall sensitivity.   Take a look at the various event detection settings to trim down on how many events your device sees.   It appears that this device is fundamentally a battery doorbell, with trickle charging of the battery via the doorbell wires.  See discussion in the other thread about why this is likely the case, but in a nutshell there are limits on how much current is available from a doorbell A/C connection that limits how fast it can charge.  As such, it's a balance of usage (events) vs ability to charge (made worse by poor battery performance in cold weather).

One other thing to check is to make sure you don't have anything in view of the camera that's moving a lot all the time (like for instance, a flag or something else blowing in the wind).  The doorbell won't trigger those movements as events or record them (unless you have it set in the app to record all movement), but it does have to minimally wake up to analyze that movement, which would consume more battery.   This combined with cold weather can lead to a situation where it have very short battery life.

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