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Samsung Smartthings appears in HISTORY list of new google Nest Doorbell (battery_

Community Member

Hi Everyone,  I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on this strange thing.

I have the new Google Nest Doorbell (battery) installed and all is working.  However when I go into the Google HOME app and select the doorbell camera and then to the FULL HISTORY  to look a the history of recorded footage, I'm also getting this message included in the history list EVERY DAY at 4PM.  "Data Accessed about  your devices Samsung SmartThings".

Does anyone know why this is appearing in the HOME HISTORY list in the GOOGLE HOME APP for Smartthngs which has nothing to do with looking at the footage of the doorbell?  Does anyone know how I can turn it off so it doesn't show up in the list.  It is very annoying and distracting.  I'm only trying to look at the video history of the camera.