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Sharing Nest doorbell with two Homes

Community Member

Hi, all

This is my first post here in that community. I tried to find related topic but was not able to find so here I am writing it down here.

I just bought Nest Doorbell Battery and I am impressed with that product. Especially that it works with my 8VAC old chime installation. Now I found that I miss one feature. Would it be possible to share some devices with other Google Home instances? As we have common entry to the building I would like to share access to the doorbell. I have created separate Home instance in GH app but it looks like device cannot be in two homes at once. Maybe sharing "room" with two Home instances as Front door, hallway etc. can be common for Large families.

Or maybe there is a workaround to that case?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

A product can't be in more than one "home" in the app at once. I've linked below your options for sharing your home.

Thanks for your response, this is what I was afraid of. I am just showing you what real life brings. There are some common areas in buildings that people share. If there would be an option to share rooms like front door, corridors etc that would open new possibilities to automate inteligent homes more. Just sayin..