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Sounds not flagged in 24/7 history for Google Nest Camera Battery?

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It seems that Sounds are not flagged in the 24/7 history for the new Google Nest Camera Battery (enabled because we have the Google Nest power cable).  With existing Google Nest cameras and doorbells, the 24/7 history timeline separately indicates whether there are People, Motion, and Sound events, and it color-codes each and visually indicates the type of event when you hover over the timeline, regardless of whether you've enabled notifications for Sound.  With the new Google Nest Camera Battery, it only shows one color rather than several when there are several events, and there is no visual clue indicating the type of event, and Sound events are never flagged (though they are recorded).

I noticed this last night when someone set off fireworks in the middle of the night.  Our existing Google Nest cameras flagged the Sound events in the 24/7 history, but this did not happen with our new (outside) Google Nest Camera Battery, and there seems to be no way to enable Sound events except for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms inside.

Am I missing something, or is this the case?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, 


Sorry for my late response. Thank you for all of your patience while waiting for a reply. I just wanted to make sure that your issue is addressed. I can definitely understand how frustrating your situation must be. I would love to help you find a solution to this issue. I found an article that goes over some of this information, and it seems this is the case and how things are. View the article here.


Please let me know if you need further assistance. 

Best Regards,