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Thoughts on why my cams are in a constant state of reconnecting?

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I've been trying to troubleshoot this for a while.
Here are the quick details:

  • 3 Google Outdoor Battery Nest cams.
  • All up to date with software.
  • Wifi is via high speed Eero pro and extenders.
  • Extenders are placed 2 feet from my two of my cameras and 15 feet from the other one.
  • All wifi extenders have direct line of sight to the cams.
  • The cams are outside on my deck and the extenders are inside.   They are separated by a condo window.

The cams appear to be constanting dropping and reconnecting.  I've tried different Eeros.  I've tried replacing the Nest cams.  I've confirmed that the wifi signal works for everything else such as my sonos speakers and smart phones, without issue ... although I know the signal may need less with those devices, but they still never drop or stutter if listening to music etc.

Has anyone else had issues like this where the wifi and cam were separated by condo glass?

Thx for any help.


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Yes, I am having the same issue with 2nd Gen Google Nest Cams Battery. Also, while watching live feed, camera disconnects as soon as it detects movement. I have 6 2nd Gen and 3 1st Gen. I do not have this issurle with 1st Gen Cameras. 

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Yep over a year now with no fix from Google or Google support. Google support just blame everything else except their inferior products. How i wish i never purchased the nest battery cams they're garbage and have never worked properly and also use so much data when they're not active its ridiculous. Total Google fail in every way...

I dont recommend anyone buy the rubbish nest battery cams if anyone out there is considering it just buy another's brand that actually work. Nest battery cams are just rubbish only fit for the rubbish dump.  

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@Lyphe416, @GunnyUSMCRet, thanks for reaching out. I know it's been a while now. I'm sorry for the delay. Please try the troubleshooting steps on this link and let me know how it goes.


@Anonymous, we'd like to look more into your case if you could share more info. As well, we'd appreciate it if you could keep your comments kind, and productive to those seeking help.




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Dont expect the cameras to improve i have been waiting for over a year and the faults and issues only get worse there's never been any improvement at all. Which is unfortunate for those of us that have spent thousands of dollars on faulty products.