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Three free hours of event video history is available for the Nest Cam - Does not work

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Hello, I purchased the Nest Doorbell (battery) and the Nest Cam (battery). Both have ended the free Nest Aware Trial. I noticed that I should still have the three free hours of event video history for both the cameras. However, I see this message when I try to check the events. 

"This event has expired, been deleted, or is unavailable." Some light to this is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!




Did the events you're trying to access occur within the last 3 hours?

On the Google Store and elsewhere, Google says "The Nest Doorbell (battery) includes 3-hour event video history." But in the fine print on Google Nest Help ( it says "This means that without a subscription, you can get photo snapshots of detected activity up to 3 hours in the past." To me, that doesn't sound like 3 hours of event history.  We have a Nest Aware Plus subscription and our Google Nest Camera Battery is plugged in all the time, so I can't tell from Google's statement whether, if you had one 60-second event in the last 3 hours, you'd have access to just a photo shot, or 60 seconds of video for the one event.  Either way, it's not 3 hours of events.

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Agreed - the 3 hours is the *last* 3 hours, so if an event happens at 3 o'clock it will disappear at 6.  It isn't a "bucket" that holds 3 hours of recordings.

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