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Visitor can hear an echo of their own voice when using nest hello doorbell.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: JJ BucklerDreverHeaps 


I have just installed a wired nest hello doorbell however the user/visitor can hear their own voice as an echo a couple of seconds after they talk. We have tried restarting the device and also turning on/off the microphone but it still happens. There is no option to adjust microphone sensitivity as it's the wired version.

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Getting the exact same echo issue. Nest doorbell. Battery. Android phone.

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I have same issue

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I'm having same issue, seems like a lot of complaints but no help !!  Is this site just for complaints?  Where do I go for HELP>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Hi, I'm having the same issue (lets be clear - software fault). There are threads on here going back 2 years. Soon, Brad form Google will step in and shut down the thread.