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When will it be possible to configure previous Nest cameras with Google Home app? thks

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am very happy with my current Nest cameras and other Nest products. Would like now to add ext cameras but understand the new ones ARE NOT compatible with the Nest app…. on the other hand, Google app does not manage yet  the previous Nest  cameras neither… do you know when Google plan to correct this compatibility issue? thks


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

For me I'm just buying used previous-generation cameras from ebay and other used equipment sites until such time that the Google Home app gets a lot more advanced.   Also, the new cams are currently not able to be viewed in a PC or Mac browser which for me is a deal breaker as that is main way I view the cameras.


We would also like to know when Google Nest is, as promised, "bringing the experiences and Nest devices you have come to love in the Nest app into the Home app" and "rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app" (

For 4 months now we have to use the Google Home app for our one new camera and the Google Nest app and for our other cameras and doorbells.

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What was wrong with the nest app? The Google home app video playback is terrible. Just move all cameras back to the nest app (or hire the Nest coders to fix the Google app)

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