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Why can't I connect my new Nest cam with the Nest app? Am I forced to use Home?

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Community Specialist

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 Original poster: Stephen 7791 


I have the newest Nest cam (outdoor with battery) and the only option to connect is with Google Home, not the Nest app.


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It’s quite infuriating to say the least. I just picked one up too. If they’re migrating to the Home app then all features should be present - and they’re not. As of now, I’ll need to use two different apps to maintain the same capability I’ve had for years on the Nest app. Huge oversight!

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I also want to add my name to the list of people who are annoyed by this. 

I've generally got no problem with it all being in the Home App, but as long as all the functionality is moved across too. If Google can't do that, then the least they can do is make the new cameras available in Nest App. 

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If I can't have all my cameras in one app, why didn't I just buy a $30 wyze cam?  I'm miffed about this.


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It’s ridiculous. 4 cams bought go $700. 
battery life - sucks

features - suck

Home app with cams - REALLY SUCKS

the review recorded events - REALLY SUCKS. 

Nest app is 100% by far superior than the garbage Google Home app. 
the engineers really screwed this up and I feel like I just spent $700 to be a **bleep** beta tester. A-HOLES

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Yes, this is super awful.  And the more you use it the more you will notice what is missing. For me the big thing is you can not view the new cameras on your computer's web browser.   If you read these threads you will see all the complaints.   I really hope Google comes up with something better than "new features coming in 2022". Cause that won't fly with me or I believe the user base.  With Google's resources they could give us the ability to view the cameras on our computers in a matter a days. 

Super Frustrated and feeling like they really let us down after waiting so many months for the new hardware.

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I've run out of patience - I'm sending them back. 


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This is some grade-A BS.  I now have to go to two different apps to use all of the features of my Nest products?  How does a Nest doorbell not work with the Nest app?  That's ridiculous.  These new cameras either need to be brought into the Nest app ASAP, or all of the functionality that the nest app has needs to be brought over to Google Home right away - INCLUDING viewing cameras from the web and support for Nest Guard and Nest Detect.

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Mine are going back! 

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Sent my cameras back, sounds like a lot of folks did. Maybe Google will be inspired to fix this mess. 

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Not only using too apps but if you change wifi you have to reset the cameras because the Nest app lets you change the the WiFi and the home app doesn’t. Google engineers suck not to migrate features from nest. They always say they are working on it

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I returned  a set of Arlo cameras 'cause I couldn't get them to connect to my IOS.

I just brought home a pair of Nest battery cameras to go with our wired Nest doorbell. I knew beforehand I'd have to use Home for the cameras, the Nest app. for the doorbell.

The wife just paid for a year's subscription for Aware (?) for the doorbell. Will the subscription also cover the new cameras even though they'll be in the Home app? It bloody better!  86