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Will IQ cameras have access to the new Car & Animal detected features of the new Camera/Doorbell

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Martyn Carr 


This chart  shows that the new Vehicle & Animal detection features of the new camera/doorbell lineup will be exclusive to the new devices only. As an owner of existing IQ cameras which would appear to be more powerful and as a subscriber of Nest aware. I cannot understand why this feature would not be added to legacy cameras that were a premium product just a few months ago. Call me cynical but this would seem to be a way to get existing users to buy new hardware rather that give them a feature upgrade. I would love to hear an explanation from somebody at Nest/Google on this..


Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi Martyn,
This is a community forum that is mainly supported by other users and community specialists so we don't know what Google has planned for the future. I have read myself that the new cameras will include a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) that will enable these new detections.
-from Cathal S(Product Expert)

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I'm looking at the new Nest Cam

Although it says (battery), it looks like it can be wired.

I'm currently running the previous generation Outdoor Nest IQ cam wired, and would like to upgrade to this to get the additional smarts of animal/car/people recognition (to cut down on the wind/shadow false alarms we experience).

My Question: is this a direct size and cable replacement? ie, can I just unplug my Nest IQ, plug this into the same cable I've already run, and put the same neoprene cover over this camera? It'd be great to not have to buy and run a new cable, buy a new cover, etc.