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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Charging cord for camera

The camera is installed and plugged into the wire, how do I know if the wire is plugged into the camera? There is no sign to indicate a “charge” sign?

FiveNaroo by Community Member
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Doorbell camera won’t load video

I have a nest doorbell and 2 security cameras and when everything was installed all 3 worked well. Now the 2 cameras work but the front doorbell has a spinning wheel and can’t load the video. The doorbell works when pushed, the ring is blue around th...

Schickms by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Nest hello peeling

Hi - I posted this topic 4 weeks ago ( I had @Brad reply that I had to complete a form - which I did. However 4 weeks later I still haven't heard anyth...

Mischa by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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nest doorbell is peeling

My nest doorbell is peeling horribly after just over a year of use. I’ve had this replaced before, and I’m not the only person that has faced this.

Tdub by Community Member
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Resolved! setting time on camera

I have nest that controls the heating and works perectly. Just added a camera outside but the video clips have wrong time on them. How do I Change the time? Earlier reply said My Places, but can't find that on settings. Heating camera is correct - th...


I have 3 nest doorbells at my house I want to put another at my gate at the road but I will have to use a different network/ Wi-Fi will it work on my google home app that’s on a different network/Wi-Fi?

Mobley by Community Member
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Nest outdoor camera full of water

My camera is wet on the inside. Don’t know if it is rain or condensation or something else.It has just gone out of 2 year warranty.I bought this as a premier (expensive) product and frankly I expected more than 2 years from it. I had 6 cameras in tot...

Andre2 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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