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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Indoor

I migrated my Nest account to my google account (as suggested) and now I cannot access my camera or video feeds form my Iphone. When I try to reconnect the camera via QR code, when prompted, it says "this camera is connected to another account. I'm v...

Matt1 by Community Member
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Nest 2-step login goes to old phone number

My phone updated and requires that I login to Nest. 2-step verification is on and the code is being sent to a phone number that I can’t access any more because it changed. Login on iPad is fine, but i can’t login from my phone. I looked everywhere in...

JoeD by Community Member
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Nest Cam Indoor Unable to Join Wifi Network

I have a Nest Cam Indoor (Single) purchased in 2019. It has been operating without any issues until Monday when it suddenly went offline, nest app alerted me to that.I followed the debugging guide and tried removing it from my existing Space and addi...

zarthos by Community Member
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Camera offline, won't connect to WiFI

my wired outdoor camera says offline. It won't reconnect wirelessly after I reconnected my router. All other devices, e.g., iPhone, MacBook, iPad and PC reconnected to WiFi. I have an extender that's flashing green but the camera doesn't seem to conn...

ASG by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest cam battery

Does anyone know how to get 24/7 event viewing? I have nest aware subscription- but this camera only shows events up to 3 hours.. which if anything happens over night.. that’s fairly useless unless I am up. Anyone know if I have set something up inco...

Resolved! Broke wall mount for nest hello

Hi I need to replace the wall mount piece that I connect the nest hello to. I went to take it off the wall and the top plastic piece that secures the doorbell to the mount unit snapped off so now the nest doorbell can be removed.

iimkenny by Community Member
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Problems setting up new doorbell

I am trying to set up a new doorbell, but when I try to set it up through the Home app, it tells me to use the Nest app, and when I try the Nest app, it tells me to use the Home app.Is there any other method I can try?

Nest Outdoor IQ camera wall plate

Hello… I recently moved and am unable to find my wall plate. Is there somewhere we can order a new one? I’ve checked all around and can’t seem to find one for my Nest Outdoor IQ camera.  

danmac by Community Member
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