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Nest Cam Floodlight

I've installed the new nest cam Floodlight and got it working perfectly. However I can't figure out where to adjust the settings for the floodlight. Brightness, sensitivity, ect. Only the actual camera is showing up in my home app. Any help would be ...

Np17 by Community Member
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Nest Camera Video Playback Speed

How can I review Nest Cam video at a faster speed (e.g. 2x, 4x, 8x, etc.)?For example, if I want to determine when something occurred overnight, if it wasn’t part of a notification/alert, I would need to spend 8 hours watching the complete video at r...

Stupid Question about event history

I've never dealt with security cameras, smart home stuff, or any of that so pardon me if I am clueless and its a silly question lolI've tried to find the answer to this and I am finding it very confusing. We wanted to get indoor security cameras with...

Resolved! Nest Aware subscription for both Nest and Google Doorbells

I have several Nest cameras and an original Nest Doorbell. I subscribe to Nest Aware for all these devices. I just got a Nest Battery Doorbell. I understand I have to use different apps for these, but do I also have to buy ANOTHER Nest Aware subscrip...

Google home - sort camera list?

Looks like the list of cameras in the Home app is sorted alphabetically by name. Any way to sort them a different way, or just rename them to the desired sort order?

JBSD by Community Member
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Trying to merge nest into google home

Ive had a neat account for four years. 3 cameras and three thermostats. I just bought what i understood to be a neat wireless camera from google. When i try to add it to my neat account by scanning the code it tells me i have to add to a google home ...

Doorbell peeling

My Google Nest doorbell is only just over two years old. But it is peeling very badly. In fact it started to do this after only a few months. I didn’t think much of it at the time but it’s getting worse and worse and is unsightly and not what you exp...