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Cameras and Doorbells

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Unable to set up Google battery doorbell

Recently purchased the Google Battery doorbell and cameras and I am unable to set up via the nest or Google home apps. Reset multiple times restarted my phone but no luck. Pls help

Ranin999 by Community Member
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Need magnetic mount for outdoor nest cam

Hi,My family moved two weeks ago and we have been unable to find the magnetic mounts for out two outdoor nest cams. Would you be able to point us to where we can obtain replacements as soon as possible?Thank you in advance

Connecting Nest Doorbell to WiFi extender

Hi,I'm trying to setup my Nest Doorbell. I use Netgear Wifi Extenders around my oddly shaped house.My physical router is no way near my front door, however I have an extender near there that gets full WiFi reception. My question is how do I set the D...

MMarv by Community Member
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Camera magnets

Somehow we lost the magnetic mount to our outdoor nest cam before getting it mounted. How do I go about getting a replacement?

NicoleRN1 by Community Member
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Where can I purchase camera magnets?

I need to purchase 3 Nest camera magnets. I frequently change the positioning of my cameras and need additional mounting options. Why are these not for sale anywhere? @googlenestsupport, please make these available for purchase on Amazon or on your w...

TB by Community Member
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Does the NEW Wired Google Nest Cam have an internal battery?

I read the available specs for the NEW Wired Nest Cam, but I have/had other security cameras (Logi Circle) that do have internal batteries that you can't by replacements for when they go bad and even so they are very hard to replace meaning that you ...

bluekey by Community Member
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