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Cameras and Doorbells

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Download video to a hard drive

I am considering buying a Nest battery camera (even though I have a wired Nest doorbell, Nest Protects and Nest thermostat in the elegant Nest app that I won't be able to use with the camera). Is it possible to have a constant download of 'events' (n...

BVP74 by Community Member
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Changing Wifi Settings on the Nest Camera (Battery version)

Hello , "First time caller, long time friend of the Google show".My questions are..Can I manually change the Wifi network setting on the new Nest Camera (battery version)?Does the new Nest Camera (battery version) support 5Ghz WiFi networks?I cannot ...

Radius by Community Member
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Trying to reinstall my nest hello wired doorbell

Trying to reinstall my nest hello wired doorbell. It worked for over two years. I’ve been removed it so that the front of the house could be resided. When I reconnected the doorbell it won’t ring. The green light at the top of the bell is flashing. H...

Lyndamw by Community Member
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Nest doorbell battery - not connecting to nearby Google nest device - recently updated Wifi modem

Hi, I recently updated my model and my Nest doorbell (battery) is now not capable of connecting to a "nearby" Google nest device. I've tried everything I can think of and all the tips and tricks I've found online but can't figure out how to resolve t...

Resolved! Camera (battery) not showing in Google Home app

Setting up the Nest Outdoor Camera (battery).Upon scanning the QR code in the nest app, I'm taken to the Google Home app. While adding a device there, no device is found. If I select that I'm setting up a "camera" from the list of options, I'm taken ...

Chaz by Community Member
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Battery doorbell

Disappointing to note wired connection with doorbell is not compatible with European chimes which are standardized to run on 8v ac. It is almost impossible to find a chime in the UK that runs 18v ac hence my chime does not work. I think Google should...

Fedup by Community Member
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Resolved! Video clips

@Why can’t I find my camera video clips !

Jane5 by Community Member
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