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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Doorbell Battery Won't Connect to Nest App

I have installed the Nest Doorbell Battery operated unit and do not see an option to get it to show up within my Nest App. Only within Google Home. In the Nest App, I only see the option to connect a Wired Doorbell and not a Battery operated one. Is ...

richland by Community Member
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Google Nest Camera is a paper weight?

Hi All. I think I know the answer to this question, but I wanted to pick everyone's brains. I have purchased 2 Google Nest (Battery) Cameras and set them up. I "assumed" that because they are a Google product, they'd be top-of-the-line, versus the $5...

Bkruse by Community Member
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Resolved! Need wired doorbell to be all black!

Is there a black cover available for the white sides of the wired doorbell? We have a black front door with black trim, and the white looks glaringly out of place, but I really want to have a wired (not battery operated) doorbell.

Amalie312 by Community Member
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Nest Hub Camera Audio Stuttering on Mobile

I use a Nest Hub Max as an indoor camera. It has been working perfectly fine. All of the sudden (the last 24 hours), the camera audio is stuttering/buggy to the point it makes the audio almost not understandable. It is like this through the Nest App....

Sagomezjr by Community Member
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Resolved! Battery cam on Nest App

I've been using Google Nest (early days of Dropcam) and love the Nest App. I've recently purchased 3 pack Google Nest Cam Battery which forces me to use the Home App (which really sucks). Are there any plans to have option to migrate cameras to Nest ...

ttohumcu by Community Member
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Daily Photo

I would like to schedule my Nest Cam to take a photo exact same time daily. Unfortunately, the Home App does not allow that at all (Nest app neither on my other cameras)It would be great to have a schedule for Cam to take a photo and send it via emai...

ttohumcu by Community Member
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Nest Hello Doorbell Peeling

I also have a Nest Hello doorbell that is peeling and out of warranty. It is visually unappealing, and I get comments from friends all the time.I contacted Google via chat this morning to see what they would do. After spending a lot of time on chat, ...

Belton by Community Member
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