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Bluetooth not connecting

Help. I have a wired nest doorbell that I cannot get connected to Bluetooth. I’ve tried to do the factory reset but it did not work. What can I do. I got a new router and need to update the info so my doorbell will work. I keep getting g the NC 023 e...

Kangeli by Community Member
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Google doorbell

I have a Google nest doorbell. I have a little ping noise when someone or something walks across. When the doorbell is rung by someone I want a louder or distinct notification and the camera to pop up the person standing there ringing the doorbell. I...

Repair cord connected to Nest Outdoor Camera?

My Nest camera worked fine until a rodent chewed through the cord the connects the camera to the round connector piece that then has another cord to plug into an electrical outlet. Is there any way to have the camera cord replaced--it is permanently ...

Avocat by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest cam wired

 during the day it's fine but at night it shows this light which is coming from internally not reflecting as we turned all lights off and it was still there.We unplugged and replugged it in and it was okay for a while but as soon as we turned the out...


Cannot get cam to share stream with public

I have installed my nest outdoor cam (battery). I can see the video from the cam, but can't get to where I can set it up so the live stream is visible to the general public. Help please!

JD_Jake by Community Member
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I recently installed my nest camera V2 wired. I lost the QR code. It is currently installed in my google home app but not my nest app. When I go to my nest app and add product it asks for qr code which I don't have and it does not seem like it is any...

Google Outdoor Camera Battery Issues

Hi.So i purchased two of these new Google Nest Outdoor Cameras which are sold as battery powered. As i wanted 24/7 recording, i was told that the cameras have to be hardwired. Purchased x2 outdoor weatherproof cables and had a google installer fit th...

AzIsmail by Community Member
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Nest Outdoor IQ Camera - not working

Has anyone else had major issues with there in outdoor camera, I have had about two or three now replaced as they keep stop working. Seems to be an issue as reading online and are refusing to help even tho latest camera is only a year o...

Nest Cam activation during timeframe

Hello,Can someone tell me if there's an option where I can activate / deactivate the Nest Cam (battery) during a chosen timeframe? For example, activation of the camera while we are asleep (23.00 - 0600)?In the Google Home app it can be activated and...

RobinP87 by Community Member
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