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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest cam 2nd gen noise problem

I recently set up a nest cam brand new out of the box to use in a nursery. However the white noise in the background makes it impossible to use. If anyone could help that would be great because without the audio feature it makes the cam pointless.

Gavila by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest cameras

Trying to set up nest wireless cameras at my store. Tried using iPhone and Android to set up. Goes all the way thru even connects to wifi then goes to finishing up and never gets past that. Always comes back with a problem with communicating with Goo...

Broken cameras

Hello I have 3 out of 4 Nest IQ Outdoor cameras that stopped working….I can’t get a hold of support for troubleshooting or warranty process.I’ve had this happen before and they sent me a new camera. But now I can’t even talk to anyone. what do I do?

Nest Doorbell power issue

My (wired) Nest Doorbell (about three years old) went offline last night shortly after a visitor rang. It wasn't lighting up so this morning I took it off the wall. We checked to make sure the wires still had power, and they do, both at the transform...

jkready by Community Member
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Nest Aware subscription(s)

I cannot create a Nest Aware account because my name was misspelled when I entered it into a new account. I now get message "Only misspelled name can buy subscription for this home." How do I correct that so I can add 4 cams to a different or new Nes...

norbrya by Community Member
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Audible alerts when people are seen

This morning we had an incident, at 4am, where one of our cars was broken in to on the driveway. The camera detected the people and recorded the incident, but it would have been great to get woken up when unusual activity like this happens. Does anyo...

Doorbell video history

How can I get my doorbell history it only saves one day or has someone else possibly have access??

Rach2 by Community Member
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Doorbell Camera Lens is Peeling

Hello,My Doorbell camera’s lens coating and peeling badly. I want to know what can be done to fix this issue. I have a tons of nest products at home so it was only natural for me to have the doorbell camera. I am disappointed that my camera looks lik...

Google nest wireless camera can't find wifi network

Hi, we just purchased the google nest wireless cameras and in setup through the google home app our Wifi network isn't being found. My phone being used for setup is on the wifi network, and we have tried all the standard troubleshooting ie. Moving cl...

Crofty by Community Member
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