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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Google Home App

Why is there an option in the Google Home app to turn all cameras off but no option to turn all cameras on?

colgbo by Community Member
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Next Doorbell no good

Purchased our battery Nest doorbell a while ago from home depot, subscribed to the Nest monitoring also, worked for about a year, then stopped recording video and would not allow me to view live video anymore, so it was useless for security. I contac...

RL-MN by Community Member
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Uggggh count your F*** days GOOGLE

I’m so sick of Google and these expensive experimental garbage devices they are promoting and manipulating hard working ppl into buying. Bought a Google chromecast because I was told that’s was the only way I could view my cameras on my tv. Unfortuna...

DeonSand7 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell (wired) not showing up as starter device

I have a Nest Hello doorbell. The doorbell works fine, it shows up in google home and when somebody rings the doorbell, it notifies the hubs. But... The doorbell doesn't show up in (google home) automations. If I want to select the doorbell as a star...

Issues Creating Timelapse Clips

I'm having trouble creating timelapse (TL) clips on a MacBook browser. I have no trouble saving regular clips, only TLs. The day I'm saving from is the oldest date (60 days back). I have a NestAware Plus subscription. I have not exceeded the allotted...

Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 12.21.04 PM.png Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 12.28.10 PM.png

Resolved! Google nest cam battery w/ Solar Panel

 hi, i was wondering if anyone else is having issues being able to see their feed on the outdoor battery google nest camera with the Solar panel? For some reason mine doesnt show me everything, i have every setting on even the events dont always get ...

jlrmywork by Community Member
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How do I view my ENTIRE cameras feed history (24/7 Video) , not just events, on the Google Home app?

I am not looking for "events", I am just looking to rewind back the footage as you could do in the Nest app. I could literally watch every second of the day if I wanted too even if there were no "events" that occurred to trigger a event/clip. How is ...

Wired 2nd Gen Doorbell not chiming

Looks like I may have a bad chime puck. Just got the 2nd Gen and followed the instructions. All works well but no inside chime. I remove the chime puck and then the inside chime works. My inside chime is 16 V/10VA (same one they show in the video).Ho...

DcJ by Community Member
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Battery nest doorbell

How do I get my battery nest doorbell to ring on my google hub? I am not seeing "visitor announcements" in the settings and both devices are in the same home.

Abclark10 by Community Member
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