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nest cam 2nd generation

Hello was wondering if anyone had an issue with indoor wired camera. I plug it in and it immediately starts blinking yellow slowly not fast. I have tried to reset it and nothing will happen any thoughts or troubleshooting ideas I can proceed with tha...

Wireless cam only sends notifications while charging

We received a battery operated nest cam as a gift. We set it up and began to charge it using its charging cable. While charging it would send notifications of people and animals to my phone. After it had completed charging I removed the cable. I noti...

Goopy by Community Member
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Familymember haw offline camera and ”Away” waiting

I have setup my new Google Nest cam indoor(wired)(gen2)on my user account. And I have activated the home/away routines also and it works fine for me. But for my wife as I have added as Family member with all permissions in the Home app., she cant con...

Dawwe1974 by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Google battery doorbell abnormal temperature

Hello, my doorbell won’t turn back on even though it only got to -8 UK brought it inside to charge and left in a warm house for 24 hours and still wouldn’t turn back on. Reset starting working for a couple hours and back to saying will turn on when a...

LilyM95 by Community Member
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Nest activity sensor revisited

I see that some members have recently read my old thread from last April, “Motion sensitivity”, that was since locked. I realized no ultimate resolution was posted, my bad. So referencing the locked thread:

Moved Nest Camera to vacation home. Can't connect

I had a nest camera at my home at removed it because I brought it to our vacation home. I removed the device from my home and brought it out to the vacation home. I setup the vacation home in the app. When I go to set it up it will not connect standi...

Wingfan13 by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Audio Announcements to iPhones

Can’t get audio announcements to iPhones from Google Nest 2nd Gen doorbells. I do get announcements but not audio announcements.

Kents by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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