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Cameras and Doorbells

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Setting up Google Nest Camera.

Every time I try to install camera I get to all most to the end when I get a " Cant Communicate with Google Server" or " Something went wrong". I also get a message to factory reset camera.This has gone on for weeks. Any suggestions

jb5456 by Community Member
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Missing camera

case # 7-############2383purchased the google next camera with flood light and the camera was missing from the box,would like to get this resolved and have this replaced.

Googles products are terrible

I just had a newborn, and invested entirely on google products to give me a wide range of access to security products such as the camera system and doorbell system. I have both 1st gen, 2nd gen and 4th gen products and all of which have multiple erro...

Carl1133 by Community Member
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Doorbell and Nest cam both worked ubtil changed WIFI -

So I think I did a hard reset - the results on one was a pulsing blue light the other a solid green light. Does anybody know if that is an indicator of incomplete reset or what???My doorbell just has a light blue circling light ....Help - Please only...

jburkman by Community Member
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camera notifications

When I am home I am getting notifications that someone is in my home. my setting is only for AWAY notifications

Hellenann by Community Member
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Camera going offline after power outages

We’ve had our Nest cameras for about 2 years. From day 1, if a power outage occurs, at least one of the cameras goes offline and does not reconnect to the WiFi. We have to manually scan the QR code to reconnect as if we are just setting up the camera...

Csammonds by Community Member
  • 21 replies
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Cam Notifications

Morning everyone.First time here so please excuse if this has been asked before (I bert it has because its so bloody frustrating).I have a number of cams around the house inside & outside and I am constantly bombarded with notifications that either m...

Cobby58 by Community Member
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doorbell camera wont show live

when i try to view live stream on my phone, I just get the message - live video unavaliable. the camera may be recharging or saving battery- this didnt happen when I first installed 2 weeks ago. please help

SueC by Community Member
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