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Cameras and Doorbells

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How it works

What I am hoping this will do is light up something on my phone when someone rings the doorbell and then allow me to speak to that person at the front door. I don’t need notifications for any activity other than that.Nest wants to tell me every time ...

Icramer by Community Member
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Resolved! Activity Zones: App vs Computer which takes precedence?

If I set-up an activity zone on my computer, and a different zone on my app (I use iMac and iPhone)... which takes precedence? Or is it that the zones can all be different for each user (iPhone 1 has its own zones which work on that phone, has its ow...

Blackaye by Community Member
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Resolved! 429 too many requests error

I was looking at my Nest doorbell and camera about 30 minutes ago from my phone. Once I got home I opened and immediately received and error code - 429 too many requests .When I try from other browsers I receive the same error. ...

Zefrn by Community Member
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Nest doorbell battery can’t connect to assist device

Hello,My brand new Nest doorbell battery can’t connect to assist device. I restarted my iPhone, tried to turn off and on Google Home and Nest in Settings-Privacy-Local Network and nothing is working. very frustrating!!! Can someone help me with this ...

cleto_jr by Community Member
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Resolved! Quicker access to live feed

Is there a quicker way to access the doorbell camera's live feed?On my Android device, currently I have to find the Google Home app icon. Launch it and then scroll down through all of my 'rooms' to find the doorbell. Select the doorbell and then sele...

gbrandwood by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Supplementary Terms

Hi There, I cannot get past this error/page when trying to set up any Nest product, the doorbell, protect or camera devices.regardless of network, re starts etc I have tried everything… can anybody shed light on this? thanks  

Nmacfie by Community Member
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