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Cameras and Doorbells

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New updates to Google Home for camera users: new AI image detection, requested f... Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out into Public Preview for ... Read more

Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

Google doorbell wireless not charging or turning on

Hello I was wondering if anyone had an issue with their nest doorbell battery powered not charging or turning on? I unmounted it to charge it & it just turned off. Now it won’t charge, no lights come on. I disconnected from the app to try and add it ...

Erica95 by Community Member
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Dead indoor nest cam

Hi,My indoor nest camera stopped working all of a sudden with no prior issue(s). I tried restarting the camera by unswitching power cable for 10 seconds and reswitching back with no positive results. I even tried changing a power cable and a differen...

eysheikah by Community Member
  • 24 replies
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Live stream no longer working Google battery doorbell

I have a Google nest doorbell, the battery version. Everything seemed to work fine until a month or so ago. There was an update for Google home and give them the live stream works only once or of 10 times. B I've troubleshot the device by resetting i...

How to link my Google assistant to my Google nest cam outdoor

How do I link my pixel 7 Google assistant to my Google nest cam outdoor. When I type the command into my Google assistant space bar it reports that it doesn't recognize the command and it won't do anything or it will disconnect. I thought these camer...

JeffSA by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Event history

I have two wired cameras and pay for Nest Aware 30 days of event history. However, my cameras are only showing a couple of hours of event history. This happens on both phone and laptop. I've spent many hours with various customer support reps in the ...

Wired Nest Doorbell NC006 error but the password is correct.

My Doorbell was casting to my phone just fine but not the TV which it had done in the past. I decided a first step might be to delete and reinstall the wired Nest doorbell.I removed it from the NEST app.I did a factory reset. It did the countdown etc...

ss2016 by Community Member
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