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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Unable to add Nest Cam battery indoor Outdoor

I have followed the Google home "add device" instructions but am unable to add my device. I attempted to add by scanning the QR code and by adding the set up code but nothing happens.All apps are up to date. I am near and rebooted the WIFI router. Ha...

LibGyrl by Community Member
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Nest doorbell (battery) camera won’t turn off

Have had the doorbell for a while and can no longer turn the camera off through the app. I tried deleting the app. Was working until recently. Still has WiFi connection as I can see live video and it records events. When I try to turn off camera from...

Nest Camera Battery Stopped Charging

My camera is on and I am trying to charge it with the cable. For some reason it will not charge beyond 52 percent after trying for a 12 hour period. What's wrong? What should I try? Thanks.Flyer

Flyer by Community Member
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Nest lens changed focal point

We were at dinner recently and a friend asked us to show them our pool through our nest app in the backyard we easily did this. When we got home, with no record of the video of it changing the target or point at which the camera was aimed, moved. The...

Doorbell cam (wired) not connecting to app

HelloDoorbell camera went offline and wouldn’t reconnect to Wi-Fi. Reset and now the camera is unable to connect to the phone during set up process. Not even got to a step regarding adding to Wi-Fi. Variety of NC codes have been provided. Has anyone ...

nest doorbell battery ring indoor chime is greyed out

I've installed, and for a while the nest doorbell rang my internal ( mechanical bell ) but now it doesn't, and the option to select indoor chime is greyed out. It Grey's out when I connect the wires to the terminals on the nest doorbell. Very frustra...

MJCteacher by Community Member
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Listen to two cameras' audio at same time?

Can I listen to two video feeds' audio at the same time? I have searched and cannot find the answer anywhere. I am quite sure that I can watch two Nest camera feeds at the same time. Is it possible to hear both of their audio feeds at the same time w...

tlupick by Community Member
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Cracking nest doorbell

Cracking on plastic of my doorbell. No direct sunlight. Very upset. What do I need to do to have warranty fix this issue? Don't even think it's more than 2 years old. NEED ANSWERS! NEED HELP!

Ana77 by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub doesnt receive notifications from doorbell

Hi there,I have the strange issue with the Nest Hub and Doorbell (battery) where I dont receive notifications on Hub anymore. I am receiving notifications on phone but on hub not. Firstly, I have observed that no notifications are received when the s...

Johnny_B by Community Member
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Camera off line

Cameras plugged into the wall green light is on on the camera but I cannot get the camera to come online to be able to use it