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Cameras and Doorbells

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Where to begin? Just moved in...HELP please.

We have lived in our home a month or so and have made note of a Google thermostat, a mouse (?) of some kind, various cameras, and a doorbell.We would like to set these up but have no idea where to start 1) being old, 2) not having a system like this ...

File a formal compant

Hello, Has anyone been able to file a formal complaint against Google Nest. My google nest camera stopped working after I moved and I called to triage it. After a lengthy conversation, they were unable to do so and sent me a new one, which they asked...

EJeans by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam Battery only charging 1% per hour

My Nest camera (battery) is charging at barely 1% per hour.I'm using the original cable and adapter plugged into the mains. Online help suggests the camera should charge in roughly 5 hours. Is my camera/cable/adapter broken?I only purchased it in Nov...

TomS001 by Community Member
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Nest live video

I purchased a Nest indoor wired camera, which I installed today. Unfortunately, when I go intothe Google Home app, to view it, I get the message 'Live video unavailable' please can you help me resolve this

Emma3 by Community Member
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Doorbell not ringing

I just bought a home and it had a nest installed already. Doorbell would chime inside the house when the doorbell button was pressed. I did a factory reset on the nest so I could create my account. It installed easily, but now the doorbell doesn’t ch...

Skybug by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Nest Camera Outdoor Gen 2 not recording events

The camera is not recording obvious events other than in the center of the screen, and even then it misses a lot. My wife can walk to her car, get in, and drive away and it doesn't pick up anything. This is my second camera, as I thought the 1st one ...