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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! 2nd Generation Camera

I just received a Nest Cam from an on-line vendor. Their description said the camera is 2nd generation. The model is G3AL9. I have tried finding out the information on-line but can't find any. Thanks.

maddog2 by Community Member
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Why pay for something if its not going to work

Hi I bought 2 outdoor cameras for security purposes especially since we were going to be out of town vacationing and my camera has been offline for days and I'm not home to reset. That's not fair. Not right to be paying for something that it not work

Gloriapip by Community Member
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Google Doorbell Battery Not Charging When Wired

There appears to be conflicting information and Google support does not seem to post clear information. In an article which I will post the link to below it says that the battery version will charge the battery gradually however this is not what we h...

bbheli by Community Member
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Baby monitor issues

I am trying to use this as a baby monitor but the live feed keeps crashing and is not available after a few minutes of having the app open. The entire app is also crashing and just shuts down when I’m trying to watch the live feed. The camera is also...

Georgeem by Community Member
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Night vision turns on and off repeatedly

Hi,The indoor/outdoor battery nest cam was working fine for many months and then started to cycle between night vision on and off every few seconds for the whole night, every night.I have a second camera exactly the same nearby which is fine. Turning...

Nest Cam Outdoor Battery Drains even when plugged in

My camera is about 2 years old. Recent I started getting the low battery notification. I then immediately turned the battery off to let it charge . After 1/2 a day, the battery was fully charge and it showed the infinity sign. Then few days later I c...

SLee25 by Community Member
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