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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Aware not working

Hello,I have been paying for my Doorbell Nest Aware for ages for #. I have yet to be able to see my actual video footage. When I go check the footage, says click here to set up and pay for Nest Aware. Can you please help me? All of this began when Ne...

Fixing the doorbell securely

Is there a way to fully secure the doorbell to the bracket so it’s more secured than the magnetic clip just fearful anyone can come up and steal the product

Nest Doorbell not receiving notifications on my phone

I just subscribed for Nest Aware Plus for a year. My notifications stopped a day or two ago, that alerted me to re up the subscription. I'm not seeing anyone walk past my doorway. Shouldn't this feature still be available as it was for the trial peri...

ChrisDiP by Community Member
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"hardwire" battery version of Nest Camera

Hi, I have two battery operated google Nest Cameras. We recently missed an event because the cameras were not charged. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on whether or not I can effectively hardwire the cameras by leaving them connected to the...

acemory by Community Member
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Secure loop request

I just saw that there is something called a secure loop for outdoor cameras that are installed higher that 6.5’. How do I get one? My camera I purchased last year did not have one.

Chime and voltage not compatible

Our electrician told us that our chime and voltage are not compatible with the nest doorbell so we've been using it on battery only and when someone rings the doorbell we only get a notification on our phones, the doorbell does not ring. We would lik...

mhodalo by Community Member
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Reconnecting an outdoor camera

My outdoor camera needs to be reconnected to Wi-Fi - and because of where it is installed, I can’t scan the QR code (its installed very high up). Is there a way to work around this? I *thought* I registered the product when it was installed

TrayLa by Community Member
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Help audio issues intermittently

I can see others have had similar issues it’s a battery doorbell …. The audio initially was Chrystal clear your could hear the birds sing … now within a few days there’s just an annoying hiss/buzz on the recorded and live audio and intermittently the...

SJ08bel by Community Member
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