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Cameras and Doorbells

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Update: New Alexa Skill Introduced for Google Nest Cameras & Doorbell Read more

Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

Get into the Halloween spirit with new ringtones for Nest Doorbells and more! Read more

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Cold weather concerns with Nest Doorbell Battery Read more

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Resolved! Video

Anyone else have issues watching their video history? When I scroll on the app (I have an iPhone 12 Pro) all the video displays, but when I stop scrolling, it freezes. The live video is perfect. I have shut app, reset phone and uninstalled/reinstalle...

robert7 by Community Member
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Unwanted zoom

Hi,my camera zoomed in on a area unexpectedly and has stayed there. I unplugged it and even removed it from my nest account and added it again, but the problem exists. I do not have enhance option. Any ideas, tips, suggestions?

Erfan1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest indoor camera - I need to get the 6-digit code off the back of the camera. I am not near it.

I have a Nest Indoor Camera in my Florida home. Its been great for several years. This week, I left that home to come to Massachusetts for the summer, but neglected to reconnect the camera to wifi after I installed new wifi router. I have the serial ...

bneagle by Community Member
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Resolved! Shutting off, or covering infrared light on Nest Cam

I am currently using two original indoor Nest Cams for viewing outside the house through windows. I have purchased third party infrared bulbs located outside the house for night light sources. However, I have had to use electrical tape to cover the N...

cannot add doorbell to my nest account on my laptop

I have my nest account set up on my laptop and my wired camera in the house works on the website. However, I do not see an option to add a battery doorbell to the account. Does anyone know how I can get the doorbells to show up on my laptop?

Buckadee by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest outdoor 1set generation

Hi have a first gen outdoor camera and I have tried everything to get them working. ar first when the power goes out they never come back online and have to unplug the usb and wait 10 seconds and reconnect and it work. Now not even that works anymore...

Ron13 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Google Nest Doorbell - Peeling issue

My doorbell has been peeling slowly since I got it. I thought it wouldn't bother me since it wasn't severe at first, but it's gotten bad enough that it really does bother me. Is there any way to fix this issue? I've seen some posts show individuals w...

Doorbell Peeling.jpg
Ajkeysor by Community Member
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How to set a schedule for nest camera using Google home app?

I would like to know if there is a way to create a schedule with a date and time for my nest camera to be activated. I was was able to do it in the Nest App but now that ive upgraded to the new NEST Cam models that operate in google home i dont see a...

AndresA by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Battery Camera Keeps Dying

My nest camera battery keeps dying. I have to recharge it every week. Anyone have tips on how to make it last? Tempted to return the product because of this.

freeman by Community Member
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