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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Resolved! Unable to record an event length longer than 30 seconds

I have 4 Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) cameras (connected to power) that I can not get to record an event longer that 30 seconds despite having changed the maximum event length settings and having done a factory reset. Everything else seems t...

Nest outdoor camera replacement power cord

I have a Nest Outdoor cam, not the Nest IQ Outdoor cam. The power cable is not weatherproof as the outer wire casing has degraded and the bare wires are showing, badly. Can the power cable be replaced? If so, how do I get a replacement cable? Also, t...

Outdoor cameras won’t connect to new router

I bought 4 cameras and had an electrician install them. All the wires are in the attic. They were all working fine until I changed my internet provider and got a new modem. I can’t hook them up to my computer now that they’re all wired into the house...

mssbass by Community Member
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Not able to set up the build in nestcam

Hi, I have tried to set up my camera following the instructions below. When I get to scan the QR code, I can not find it. Where is the QR suppose to be displaying on the google next hub? The camera is built in. I select “no QR code” but then it asks ...

Adeve242 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest doorbell

I don't know how to charge the battery. My doorbell is attached to a gate post. Do I remove the doorbell from the post and if so how?

Lancewade by Community Member
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