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nightmare with google/Nest cameras over the past two days

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It's been an absolute nightmare with google/Nest over the past two days
I have everything google..
Hub max
Nest doorbell wired (original)
Nest thermostat E
Google wifi router
Pixel 7 pro
And 7 days ago I got 2 nest cam (indoor, outdoor)

After about 5 days of installing the 2 nest cams they both were saying offline but was still recording, confusing🤷 its obviously still online. So i do the standard, turn wifi off, reset the cameras do a factory reset and nothing.

So I contact Google..
They tell me to do everything that I had already done and it didn't work, then they tell me to reset and use my phone's tethering ok I'll give it a go..

Oh it works everything back to normal so now I have to do another factory reset to add it back to the original wifi (Google wifi) and it works, I have to do this with both of the cameras I won't tell you how long that took. So great I end the chat with google all is great..
Until I noticed the nest hub max camera is now doing the same thing, it's online I can talk to Hey Google with it I can do everything other than watch the camera 🤷

So I do the reset connect to the original wifi, but the hub max is now stuck in a boot loop after it tried to install an update that it shouldn't have, reset, same thing, reset same thing, I must of reset about 10 times before I was finally able to get the thing back on but STILL NO CAMERA 🤬 I gave up on it

now my nest thermostat E won't connect to wifi so I reset that and I'm totally unable to set it up as it won't connect to wifi

What the hell has happened is it a problem between the nest app and Google home app, is it a problem with servers or am I doing something wrong? WTF Google/Nest

United Kingdom, all happened on 20th June 2023 around 10.30am


Community Member

If you read any of the other threads here youll find out this is most likely due to the problems Google have. 

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How frustrating are these ongoing issues? How pathetically inept is google?