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Amazon Prime Video not playing videos through GoogleTV

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I can use PC connected to the same TV (via RGB) and go to Amazon and watch Prime Video content, but when I try to view Prime Video through GoogleTV (Chromecast) I eventually get the “Something went wrong” error.

I’ve cleared Prime Video’s GoogleTV cache, all data (like I used to do on an Android phone), pulled the power cable out of the GoogleTV, used a System Restart, etc. - nothing works. YouTube TV works as expected as do other media services’ apps.

 I’ve just uninstalled the Prime Video app from GoogleTV and did a system restart. I found Prime Video and installed again, did the register device work flow, opened the app, selected a video - same results! Not sure happened since Monday evening (2 days ago). Any clue as to what’s going on here?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Sometimes, there is nothing we can do but to be patient and allow Amazon Prime application developer to solve the problems.

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I am certain that the problem is with the GoogleTV Chromecast and its handling of the Amazon Prime Video app. I’m sure the Prime Video developers are quite culpable. I can reach Prime Video via the website on a PC (and previously on a Roku box, so the problem is definitely with the GoogleTV platform.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there Beelymagee,

Are you still experiencing issues with the Amazon Prime Video app? Let me ask you some questions about what's happening with the device:

  • What is the firmware version of your Chromecast device?
  • Do you notice any issues or errors with any other apps?
  • Have you contacted Amazon at all to see if there are any outages?

I look forward to your response, and if you have any other questions or concerns for me, please let me know!

Best regards,

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Thanks for replying about my situation. Here's the info you are requesting. Yes we are still experiencing the inability of Amazon Prime Video app on the GoogleTV Chromecast platform to play videos. I can definitely stream Amazon Prime Videos through the web browser interface in Google Chrome on a PC also connected to the same TV.

Not really finding info specifically about "firmware" but the Android TV OS build is shown as:
QTS1.210311.008.7350836 and the Kernel version is 4.9.180
The system update reports that it is up-to-date.

We are also not able to access Hulu on GoogleTV Chromecast - it launches and immediately throws up an error screen: ERROR94. We have a Roku box connected to another input and it cannot access Amazon Prime Video content - the Prime Video platform launches fine, but selected videos do not play. Hulu does work via the Roku box - not a problem with that.

I have not contacted Amazon yet about this because I can still stream through a PC - just not through set-top boxes like GoogleTV Chromecast or Roku. I have been using GoogleTV Chromecast primarily since it arrive earlier this year without incident - especially for YouTubeTV (which Roku can no longer support because of the Google/Roku licensing kerfuffle.)

Again, I have cleared the cache for the Amazon Prime Video app, uninstalled it, re-installed and no change in the problem. Others, in the past forum comments, had said that the problem simply fixes itself in a few weeks. Seems like another solution would be available.