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Can't cast to my Chromecast

Community Member

The Last couple of days I have not been able to cast to my Chromecast. I have an android, latest updated June 17 (version 12 afaik). on a Samsung s10e.

My girlfriends' iPhone can cast with No problem! 

What I did so far:

  • Turned off/on Chromecast, Network (with WiFi) and phone for at least one minute before reconnecting it all
  • Restarted the Chromecast from within Google Home app
  • Factory reset of Chromecast and in that selecting the other WIFI in the house (and yes I am offcourse connected to the same Network from phone)
  • My girlfriend started casting from her phone and I went in the Google Home app. On the first page I can see the Chromecast unit (that I have fr... just set up) saying "playing" (or the right name, my language in the app is not english), but when I tap the unit to see if I can cast my phone it says "Does not play" (or the similar wording)... So I uninstalled and reinstalled the Google Home app

... And nothing works!!!


I am out of good ideas - I believe the issue is on my phone, but what can I do? 

Thx in advance! 


Community Member

Oh, and when I try to cast my phone from within the Google Home app I get a message stating (somewhat translated) "Not accessible

[Unitname] can not be seen on this Network. Make sure there is connection to the internet, and that your phone or tablet is connected to the same WIFI network"


My girlfriend is casting while I get this message... 

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Do you have a VPN installed on your phone? If so disable it and try again.  I did see from various Samsung forums similar issues with that model, but usually it was a VPN as the culprit 

Thank you for the reply and good thought, but no. I have not installed one myself and as far as I can see Samsung has not enabled such thing in one of their updates. In Connection settings in the phone settings menu VPN also says "None"