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Cannot Group Cast Youtube Music when Chromecast With Google TV is in Group

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I am having trouble casting Youtube Music as part of a speaker group when Chromecast with Google TV (CCWGTV) is part of the group.  This wasn't an issue previously and I see there are several others that seem to be having the same or similar issue (see example links at the bottom), but all of those threads are either locked or stagnant.


Google Chromecast with Google TV

Nest Audio 

Casting via Youtube Music app on Samsung Android phone OR voice command using google assistant saying 'Ok Google, play music on my TV' (both ways worked previously and now neither works).


If using voice command and I say to play it on the speaker group it will respond 'youtube isn't installed at the moment.  Sorry something went wrong, when you are ready give it another try' and nothing happens

If casting to the group via the youtube music app on my phone, the Nest Audio in the group makes a chiming noise, but no music starts.  A Youtube Music logo shows up on the TV that the CCWGTV is plugged into, but no music plays.  On the phone, there is a loading circle that just spins endlessly.

Recent Changes: None

Other things to note:

  1. If I take the CCWGTV out of the group or try another group that does not contain CCWGTV there are no issues playing music via voice assistant or casting from the Youtube Music app.
  2. I have been able to group cast other audio sources from my phone (Google Podcasts, iheart radio) successfully when CCWGTV is part of the group, just not Youtube Music

Workarounds tried:

  1. Checking the CCWGTV firmware is up to date (the device says it is)
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling both Youtube and Youtube Music apps on my CCWGTV
  3. Factory resetting my CCWGTV and setting it up again adding it to the speaker group
  4. Creating an entirely new speaker group with the CCWGTV in it

Unfortunately nothing is working.  Please help.

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Hello - bumping this up since there hasn't been a reply yet.  Any update on this?

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Community Specialist

Hi Shogungts,


Thanks for reaching out and for providing detailed information on your issue and the steps that you've done — these are of great help!


Quick questions: when did the issue start? What's the Android version of your Chromecast with Google TV (4K)? Please try to reboot your Nest Audio, Chromecast with Google TV (4K), and Wi-Fi router to refresh the connection of the devices.


Let me know how it goes.




Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for replying.  Below are the answers to your questions:

- I just noticed this issue when I posted it last week, but it is the first time I had tried to cast to a group in a over a year, so I am not sure when it might have originated.  I included links to other posts that seem to be related and they date 

- The CCWGTV is on Android 12 with a build of STTE.220621.019.A2.9082754

- I have tried rebooting all of the devices several times including factory resetting the CCWGTV

- Note, as mentioned above, this issue isn't impacting other apps being able to group cast as I have been able to do so for google podcasts and iheart radio.  I have also been able to group cast using the youtube music app on my phone, so it may be possible this is an issue with the youtube music app on CCWGTV?  The version of that app is: 3.01.005/web_20221031_10_RC00

Please let me know if I can provide anything else.  Thanks.



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Community Specialist

Hi Shogungts,


I checked this in our end.  Our team is aware of the issue and currently working on a fix. Please send feedback about this via Google TV. Also, I'll keep this thread open and let you know once I hear any news from them.




Hi Jennifer,

Any update on this?   As you can see, many other people are running into this issue.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jennifer - It has been almost 6 weeks since the last update on this; is there an estimate on when this will be fixed in Production?

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Exactly same issue here with brand new Google Nest Audio, Google N'est Wifi and GCWGTV. Google please fix this bug. I am on the beta Google Home app and it isn't better.

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Add me to the list! I just "upgraded" to a Chromecast with Google TV and I've gone backwards. I can no longer cast to the device connected to my best speakers if I also include it in a speaker group. My old Chromecast worked just fine. Boo. What the OP details is EXACTLY what is happening to me.

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Having this exact same issue.

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There was an update to GCCWGTV today that I was hoping would fix the issue, but sadly it did not (it also didn't fix HDR which the last update broke).

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I just received my new Chromecast with Google TV 4K, and discovered that I have this issue, too.

  • Updated the device to latest firmware, rebooted, factory reset. Still not working.
  • Rebooted my (Nest WiFi) network, still not working. Rebooted my Pixel 5a phone. Still not working. Tried on my partner's Pixel 5a phone. Still not working.

Things that work:

  • I am able to cast from YouTube Music to speaker groups as long as they do not include the GCCWGTV.
  • I am able to cast from YouTube Music to the GCCWGTV individually, too.
  • I am able to cast audio from other apps that I tried (Pandora) to speaker groups that include the GCCWGTV.

I'll probably return this new device and just keep using my older Chromecast if this issue is not acknowledged soon.

Disappointing, but since I'm a YouTube Premium subscriber, and my home has Nest speakers all over it (can you tell that I'm invested in google products?), not being able to cast music to the Chromecast that has my best speakers attached is simply not acceptable.

I agree with your frustration especially since this was something that worked previously.

I just received an e-mail about the new Google Home app. It sure doesn't look like what I have currently installed on my Pixel 2 (I know my Pixel is unsupported). Has anyone updated to this? Does it fix anything related to these issues?

I think this got posted to the wrong topic, but I think I can help anyway...

Was this at the top of the email that you are referring to?


If so, I believe the new app is currently in preview mode only. You have to go into the app and request to join the preview and then it will display the new app.

Eventually it will be available to everyone.

Hi Shogungts. I'm asking if the new Google Home app has perhaps fixed the inability to cast YouTube Music while GCCWGTV is part of a speaker group. Based on your response, I'll poke around in there and see if I can get the Preview going. It's risky, I know, but I'll take one for the team. Ha ha!

Ah... now I understand your question.

I am pretty sure this issue is independent of the Home app as this issue occurs whether you are using the home app or not to cast.

For instance, you can turn your phone off and still be able to cast things using google assistant on other devices that don't have the Home app installed so it not being routed through your app.

I can't rule it out 100%, but I would be very surprised if the Home app played any role in this issue.

I suppose that makes sense, you can have your phone off and it still doesn't work.

What I've done now is install my old chromecast in addition to the GCCWGTV. I'd rather not switch inputs and I'd rather free up that HDMI port, though. Crossing my fingers this issue is resolved soon.

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I have the new preview version and can tell you it doesn't solve the issue. Also quite disappointing overall in terms of controls. And most glaring miss is the still completely broken volume control due to Google not willing to pay Sonos and making us customers bear the costs and suffering.

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I am also having this same issue. It's driving me nuts!

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Same issue here as the OP. A couple of summary follows:

The issue is connected to the Chromecast with Google TV 4K. I recently replaced my older Chromecast with the newer version and this issues started. After reading the duration of this issue and no fixes, I'll be sending the Chromecast 4k back and reinstalling the previous Chromecast version so my speaker group will work correctly.

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Sad that you have to resort to this - it's very frustrating how Google let's issues like this linger for so long.


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I have same issue CCwGTV seems to be causing a long with YT music. Other apps like Spotify works ok

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I cancelled my YouTube Music subscription because of this.  This issue has persisted for far too long. 

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When will this be fixed? I have no interest in paying for Youtube Music if I am unable to stream it to my groups. I have no problem streaming Spotify or Plex to my groups.

I am having issues with streaming Spotify to a speaker group with the CCwGTV

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Google needs to refund YouTube premium to all of us with this issue until they get it resolved. I've wasted so many hours trying to figure out how to get this to work.

The funny thing is that I pay extra to have more storage and along with that comes Google One that provides free 'premium' support, but the only times that I have used it I either get no response (like for this issue that I also logged with them) or completely nonsensical support like when an agent tried to tell me that my Chromecast was not working b/c I was sitting 6 feet away from the TV which was 'way too far'.

Actually - I just looked at the status of the ticket I opened and not only did I not get a response, but they just went ahead and closed the ticket.  I first got an email saying that the ticket was open and someone would contact me within 2 days and when I checked its status now (4 days later) it has been closed w/o anyone ever reaching out to me.

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Having the same problem with premium... Ridiculous... Everything except YouTube cast just fine to my speaker group, how ironic.

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My guess is that it has to do with YouTube Music on CCwGTV using the YouTube app now and combined with how YouTube doesn't really just cast a video anymore but instead loads up the installed app or something. Asking a Google Home (or similar assistant speaker) to play YouTube Music to a CCwGTV will just open YouTube with the Music tab, but casting from the YouTube Music app on a phone loads the older "pure casting" method instead of the YouTube app.

Something like this sounds right to me. They either need to get the Google TV YouTube app working to handle this, or port over the existing functional YouTube Music app (or whatever its called that is already working on non-Google TV Chromecasts) to Google TV.


But anyway I returned my Google TV so... 🤷

Since it is an issue with YTMusic more than CCwGTV, is there a place to post this issue for YTMusic? seems like our posts are on Google Nest forum, not sure which group handles YTMusic or even CCwGTV.  I switched over to CCwGTV from Roku, it has been bit erratic compared to Roku with network connectivity and some apps not streaming sometime (seems again like network issue) 

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I can't stream YouTube Music to my Philips Android TV and Teufel Raumfeld One M with built-in Chromecast anymore for months. First it didn't work on the Teufel for months, now it doesn't work on the Android TV either. Please fox this, otherwise I'll switch to another streaming service again.

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Same issue here, works immediately when I remove the Chromecast from the group, but that really defeats the purpose of the group if I can't have ALL my speakers within it. 

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This has been broken for at least 10 months now. Any fix in sight?

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I am still having issues using YouTube Music with the Chromecast with Google TV in the speaker groups. Using Google Home App. I have done lots of trialling of different ways to make it work. So far the only way I can get the Chromecast with Google TV to play music is to create a speaker group with out them devices included then turn on the TV's with the Chromecast with Google TV's on first before connecting them one at a time. The group that doesn't include the Chromecast with Google TV will even work from the casting option in Youtube Music? The Chromecast with Google TV, if I cast directly to them one at a time the TV will turn on as it is set to do in both the devices setting. I am frustrated too I liked the Google TV device so I purchased two more for my other TV's seeing that they were supposed to work with speaker groups??

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Dude... thank you so much for posting this.  I realize it isn't working how it is supposed to and it is super annoying that Google still hasn't fixed it, but I wasn't aware of the work around that you can start the music playing on a different speak group without GCCWGTV and then add GCCWGTV via the home app and it will work.  

Annoying that we have to do it this way, but it's better than not being able to include it in the group at all.

Alternative to this seems to be to start playing on a speaker and then ask Google to move to the speaker group containing the CCwGTV.  Seems to work OK when I do this but - as everyone else has said - very frustrating that it's a known issue going on for months now with radio silence from Google. £80 worth of hardware and ongoing monthly subscription and I can't use a basic feature

Thank you. I think this is very useful as a work around, however I wasn't able to ask Google to move to the speaker group.

Can you give more details how you do it? Like what wording exactly?

Today, I'm adding the CCWGTV to the group manually via the home app, but now I'm thinking to include this phrase in the routine I anyway use for playing music so that will be done automatically