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Casting YouTube crashes Chromecast with Google TV

Community Member

Hi all,

I have several google home devices downstairs; 2 nest hubs, 1 audio, and a Chromecast with Google TV (4K).

I would like to have them all in a single speaker group so I can play my music through all speakers and my TV sound system, however anytime i include the chromecast with google TV into the speaker group, and try to play music using voice commands or casting from the YouTube music App it crashes and the chromecast just shows the YT logo, and the displays just show a cast logo.

Chromecast versions:

ChromeCast W/ G TV: 1.61.304433

Nest Audio: 1.56.2999498

Nest hub (K): 1.62.312297

Nest Hub (LR): 1.62.312297

Can anyone help please?

Thanks Everyone