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Change Screen Saver Timer

Community Member

Is there any way to change the duration it takes for a Chromecast with Google TV to prompt it's automatic screen saver within the Google TV settings?

10 min. seems to be the timer before the screen saver prompts, and it is way too short. My smart tv is new and has webOS, but I can't find the appropriate setting native on the tv to change this, and neither in the Google TV settings, where I would imagine the configuration would be. 

Anyone who has a solution for this? 


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Inside the UI, there is no option that I found. You need to activate developer options first:

How to enable developer options in Chromecast with Google TV? - All About Chromecast

Now download the platform tools for your used operation system on your Laptop/PC:

SDK Platform Tools release notes  |  Android Developers

Now use your router UI or a phone app (Fing - Network Tools - Apps on Google Play) to get the IP of the chromecast.

Now open a cmd in the platform tool folder and run this command:

adb connect (replace it with your IP)

On the screen you get a message if you want to trust the debug device. Select here YES.

Now check the currently selected timeout value:

adb shell settings get system screen_off_timeout

This should return 10 minutes. Increase it to a large value like those 24 days here:

adb shell settings put system screen_off_timeout  2147460000

Now your screen doesn't turn off..

After the change disconnect from the Chromecast with this command:

adb disconnect (replace it with your IP)

Hi there,


Thanks for providing a workaround for the OP's concern, MagicAndre1981.


Themike, I'm afraid there's no option to change the screensaver timer, but we'll take this as feedback as we're always looking for ways to improve our products and its features. You can also send feedback about this via Google TV. Here's how. On the other hand, you may still try the suggested steps shared by MagicAndre1981.


Let us know if you still have questions and concerns otherwise, we'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.




Thanks for the reply. 

I'll try and see if this might aid the issue at hand.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Themike,


No biggie! Give us a shout if you still need help.