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Chromecast Audio?

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Is google ever going to make Chromecast audio dongle again? I feel like these are great for bringing back to life old speakers that sound great. This would be a great way to reduce waste as you could use speaker that are already around instead of having to buy new ones and create more waste. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider this product! Would also love to see more audio-out options on more products. Google speaker used to have the audio-out option so would could connect your vinyl to it, please bring this back!!!!! I believe the google home max has an aux port, is there anyway to add this to more speakers please?


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hey there @DCR77 

I am also on team CCAUDIO!! I have brought this up at our product meetings.  The Chromecast Audio was THE solution to so many use cases. I have three stashed away.

I encourage you to send feedback directly as well.

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I am a big fan of the CCA as well.  My use case is to pair it with DAC and then to my stereo system(s).  

Multi-room is important to me, and while this integration seemed so strong in the beginning, it is quite a train wreck right now, *supposedly* due to the SONOS litigation/whatever.  

So I am waiting patiently for awhile while this rumor of an updated CCA bubbles up around the internets. 

But... this is the end of the waiting.  If the "new" CCA will have to retain the digital out, and return to a solid multi-room operation... or I'm out. My little CCA units are probably on the edge of End of Life, and I will re-platform if they begin to fail without a viable Google solution.  

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That is a great idea! I swear, I am going to do this everyday until I finally see a product of theirs come out again that has an aux-out. Apparently even the first generation of Google Home Max speaker has a aux port!!! Why did the get rid of this awesome option?? PLEASE BRING BACK CCADIO CAPABILITIES TO YOUR SPEAKERS OR A NEW GENERATION OF CHROMECAST AUDIO PLEASE!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for answering, JillG. 


DCR77 and ElCastillo, we appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this and thanks for your interest. While we have no news to share about that — we'll be sure to take this as feedback. Stay tuned on our social channels and to this Community forum for news and announcements. Also, as JillG mentioned, you may send feedback about this using the Google Home app. Every bit of feedback helps a ton!


Let me know if you have other questions and concerns otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.