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Chromecast Ultra Stopped

Community Member

I have a Chromecast Ultra and out of the nowhere it stopped connecting to my network. It was just sitting there plugged in but one day stopped working. I couldnt cast to it or connect my Stadia controller to it.

I reset it by holding the button down and re-added it through the Google Home app but when I get towards the end of re-adding it says my phone and chromecast arent on the same wifi network so it cant finish adding it. I only have one network and nothing changed so thats not really possible.. Ive done this twice and it will not add. It makes me cancel setup on my phone and on the Chromecast side it seems like it wants to go further, asking me to pair my Stadia controller but when I try to do that using the specific code the controller doesnt pair either.

Any help?


Community Member

I am having the same issue. When I reset my Ultra and run the Home App for setup, the system wants me to connect Sadia to Ultra 1st. When I try to do that connect I get the Error message "Make sure the tv is still showing the message Use your phone to add an account." Which it is showing. It just prompts me to try again. Still doesn't work. Please advise.

Community Member

So after doing this several times i gave up but left my Chromecast plugged in and connected to my tv, and eventually after a day or two it magically started working. Not sure at all why or what happened