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Chromecast v3 stuttering on 1080p 60fps

Community Member

When I stream to tv 1080p 60fps (twitch, YouTube) audio stutters. I tried using both tv's USB port and external usb charger. No difference. I tried plugging in different HDMI ports, still the same.

Firmware version: 1.49.250946

Does this device not support 1080p 60fps? I've seen some threads mentioning first gen Chromecast not supporting this, but none on the 3rd gen.


Community Member

Hi! Have tried to use it on another TV. If it works on another tv the tv might be the problem or the HDMI ports of the tv. If it does not work in any tv, please contact support, as you may need a replacement: 

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Community Specialist

Hey there,

Did you have any more questions or need any additional help? If not, I'll go ahead and lock up this thread in 24 hours.

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,
It looks like we haven't heard back from the OP so I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new thread.

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