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Chromecast with gtv keeps playing youtube after tv turns off.

Community Member

I'm not sure why it's doing this, and I realise it has been playing youtube videos for a whole day to a TV that isn't powered on.

We set the timer on the TV to switch off an hour after we go to bed. I'll switch it on the following night,  and the cast will be playing a random youtube video about Bass music or the Romans because the chromecast has been playing since the previous evening. My history is full of random videos at this point, not so bothered about that but it shows me the extent of the issue..

There doesn't appear to be a setting to change this. Because it is the cast with Google TV, it will not run off of TV power and has to be plugged into the outlet. Are there no settings to resolve this? Thanks in advance..


Community Member

Is there really no answer to this? My chromecast has been watching 3 hour long history videos without me. I go to work and remember it's on once I'm there 😞 what is going on with this thing??