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Google Mini/Chromecast not showing YouTube Results

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Having a very similar issue as these two people here:

Have two pairs of Google Chromecast/Google Mini's doing the exact same thing and not showing YouTube results when asking the Assistant into the Google Mini. Hoping @Jeran can help further as it seems the last thread I posted went dead with the user not replying, but I'd certainly like to get this fixed.

Here is the setup for one of the pairs, can provide the info on the other pair if needed as well:
-Google Home Mini (Model: H0A, Firmware Version: 282045, Cast Firmware: 1.56.282045)
-Chromecast (Model: NC2-6A5 Firmware: 275994, Cast Firmware 1.56.275994).
-Both devices are running off of my Google Wifi Mesh. (Have 3 of the AC-1304 pucks around the house, wifi signal strong)
-Both devices are set up in 'Basement' Room. 
-Both devices being added/removed/troubleshot on the Home app on my Pixel 4. 

When asking the assistant "Hey Google, show video options for XXXX" the mini seems to have more of a delay than before when this was working but eventually comes back with "Sure, here are some results for XXXX, playing on Basement TV, which one would you like?" (doesn't give the 'something went wrong' error message on my end). However after the assistant does reply, nothing shows up on the Chromecast like it used to (Used to open YouTube and show a number of options for videos to select). It just sits on the Chromecast Ambient background. 

However, if we then say "Number XX" back to the assistant then it starts working. It then opens up whatever YouTube video 'Number XX'  was and starts playing on the Chromecast. The problem is that the videos are completely blind and have no idea what we are choosing/playing. 

- Hard to track down when this started as it seems we've had a couple weird problems with the setup over the last couple months that have forced me to completely reset the devices, but I can probably say this issue has been happening consistently for the last 2 weeks?
- All devices are up to date (that I am aware of, no firmware updates that I can see)
- Everything on the same Google Wifi mesh 
- For troubleshooting I've tried everything I can think of at this point, rebooted/factory reset the devices, tried adding them to different Room's when re-adding them to the Home. Tried isolating them to the guest network, moved the devices to a different 'Home' to isolate them. Nothing seems to work and the same issue occurs. 
-This doesn't seem to happen with other streaming services Like Netflix or Disney+, the mini will understand the command and open up whatever show on Netflix/Disney+ we ask for on the Chromecast.

Hoping you'll be able to help on this, I'm all in on the Google Home as my primary smart home system and have 60+ devices being controlled by the Assistant (lights/switches/thermostat/etc) and it's been super frustrating that everything else is working but the google products themselves. If there is any other troubleshooting info I can provide, please let me know!



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Over 4 months since this post and Google has still not fixed it? why?  


I can confirm I'm also having the exact same issue... however it use to work just fine in the past! 

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nobody cares


your shoddy product from a dirty company is dead. go buy a google tv

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I'm having issues when attempting to use Google home to cast YouTube videos to Chromecast. When the request is specific enough it works fine, but in other situations it will announce that it is displaying options on TV, however nothing is visible. The YouTube app doesn't launch at all. I've tried with the TV both on and off. One interesting behavior is that if I say "cancel" it will actually turn the TV on as the home speaker cancels the request.

I'm able to work around this by just selecting option 1 and hoping for the best. But it would be nice to see the options list like before.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Shawn4,


Thanks for reaching out. It looks like your concern is similar to this trending post in the Community. Our team is aware of the issue and still working on a fix. I'll merge your thread to the main one so I'd suggest checking it for future updates.




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The YouTube app just had an update recently.  I was thinking, "Yay, they've fixed it!" only to find, sadly, no fix.  This issue, for me, is beyond frustrating.  Is there anyway you can have this issue escalated to 3rd level support?


Your attention on this is appreciated.


- DisabledPilot

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They quite clearly do not care any more.

It's that simple.

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October 26 2022 issue still not fixed. Fix the issues already!

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@JenniferV @Azarco @Jake 
I apologize for spamming the three of you, but as we've had updates from all three of you at various times in the last bit on this thread, I figured we might as well consolidate here. 

Has been nearly 5 months now from opening this issue and we haven't really heard back except that you guys are aware of the problem and fixing it. As well I've had no response from the Care Team at all after my initial troubleshooting with them back in June. 

Is there any way we can get a solid update on this status? Has Google given up on the previous model Chromecasts and just expect everyone to upgrade to the Google TV? or is there actually a plan to have this looked at and fixed? Will Stadia ever come back? (...that last one was in jest). Would definitely save us (as well as you guys) a lot of time not having to only reply to people on this thread, but the multitude of others having the same issue. Good or Bad news, an answer would be very much appreciated.


Just so you know Google also have issues with the current "Google TV" product which has still not been fixed or addressed in over a year!... you need to literally repeatedly spam the volume button to get it to work when using a Yamaha amp but only happens with the Google remote, they are still yet to fix it or provide any update/support... I'm rather disappointed at Google and how shockingly bad (or no existent) their support is...  If you interested this is a sample:

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chromecast is no longer supported

source on this?

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For 6 months all 4 of my chromecasts have been unable to display YouTube results when using the video search feature. I have a variety of chromecasts and home/nest products. None of them work with this option. 

Google marked this issue as solved but months later nothing has been fixed. 


Hello NotSoSmartHome,


We appreciate you for raising this concern to our team.


I've merged this thread to a similar trending issue in the Community. Our team is already working on it and we suggest checking the main thread for future updates and advanced troubleshooting. 


Thank you for your patience. 




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When I ask my Google Nest/Home Mini “show me videos of blank”, it then asks me which video option I would like to play.

At this point, it is supposed to display the actual options on my TV via my Chromecast, but it doesn't.

If I say “#1”, it will play whatever option 1 is, but the problem is that I have no idea what video that is because it doesn't give me the thumbnail preview anymore.

This has been broken for several months now. Please do not comment generically, ie, reboot, factory reset, etc. there have been over a hundred complaints on this, it needs to be fixed — it is a major issue for accessibility.


I have performed a full factory reset, re connected everything in the Google Home App, and done all updates available. - it still doesn't work.

This feature has not been working for quite a few months now and many users have reported the issue but to no avail.

I never expected this kind of bad customer support from a company like Google. I am a user who relies on voice assistant.  I have several Google Home/Nest/Chromecast products, and used to own a Nexus 6.  I was considering upgrading to a Pixel 7 Pro from my old OnePlus, but now I don't think I will...  In fact, I might just ditch Google completely; I've heard Alexa is getting better.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi HoverVet,

Thanks for posting. I'll merge this thread to a similar trending post in the Community. Our team is aware of the issue and still working on a fix. I'd suggest checking it for future updates as this one will automatically lock once merged successfully.



Although we are of course resting assured that your team is working on a fix, I feel it prudent to point out that it has been 9 months now and no fix has been deployed. I rest assured that you will now update us with an estimated time for the deployment of all the hard work your team has put into this issue over the last 9 months. It's the least you can do to show your appreciation.

Another half year has gone by since you said the team is working on a fix. Should we still be resting assured that a fix is on the way, because personally, after a full year of absolutely nothing happening, i'm not feeling all that assured anymore. Maybe you need to tell me to rest assured that the team is working on it just one more time. 

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"Rest hssured our team will update you". "rest assured we're doing everything we can".


It's now six months and the problem persrsts. Could we please get a summary of what has actually been tried during those six months, where the team is at right now, and an estimate of what year you might have a fix deployed?

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Hi, its been another three weeks and you have simply ignored my request for more information. I am trying to rest assured that you are working on it, but absolutely nothing has happened since the issue was opened 8 months ago.

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Found this post having this same issue, though I haven't used the "show" or "search" videos option of Chromecast in a very long time, just tried doing it tonight and ran into the same problem, tried restarting the Chromecast and nothing changed, this is apparently almost a full year after this issue was reported, with CORE functionality which basically makes a Chromecast itself almost completely worthless without being able to do, the simplest thing imaginable from a SEARCH company: the ability to display SEARCH RESULTS! And this has been completely crippled for almost an entire year now? 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is atrocious.

The best part is they simply don't care. They just come on every few months and type a "We're working on it" update when they clearly aren't working on it. Customer care and service is zero.

Just remember that when its time to buy another device.

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Same issue here. I am thinking that some robo-chat GTP version is providing vague responses

Thank you for sharing. I now just use YouTube app on my iPad to play videos.

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when the chatbot software finally runs out of well grammaticised lies it just gets so quiet in here


how's everybody's fireTV replacements going? loving mine. top integration with the little echo thing, too

Dude, you just need to rest assured. The team is working on it! Google said so.

Thanks for the tip on FireTV, checking that out now. I'm rather disgusted by google these days. My google devices seem to get more and more buggy as time goes by. Someone suggested they are adding bugs to it to force customers to upgrade, well, i'm upgrading alright, just not to any more google products.