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I'm getting ads on YouTube when casting to Chromecast (2nd Generation) despite I have Premium.

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I'm getting ads on my Chromecast (2nd Generation) and I do not know why.

This problem started a couple of days ago when I started getting ads on YouTube-videos on my (Chromecast 2nd gen) even though I have Youtube Premium Lite (It is a cheaper version of Premium but the difference is that it only removes ads, it is so far only available in Europe). This has never been an issue before. 


I figured this would stop I logged in but when I tried to log in I received this error message:


Basically it says in Swedish that I can't log in to this TV but that I can still watch as a guest.

I rarely watch YouTube on anything other than my Chromecast so it would be good to know if I should end my subscription to Premium Lite or if this problem can be solved.




BIG UPDATE: YouTube is now claiming on my post about this on Twitter that this issue has been solved. But from what I see it hasn't because alot of YouTube-users are still commenting on this post and showing photos which clearly shows this is still a problem.


Link to my post on Twitter:

Twitter reply.png

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It was working until 4 or 5 days ago. Nothing functionally with the tv has changed.

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Hi Denz,


Thansk for reaching out. Let's sort this out. 


A few questions: what type of Chromecast device do you have? Are you signing into the Google Home app? Are you getting any message when signing in to your account?


I'll look forward to your response.




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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for getting back to me.
I have a gen 2 google chromecast (dongle?). It has been working fine until a few days ago.
It still is working fine with the internet and browser use as per normal other than allowing me to sign in to youtube.
It works for all other devices and uses except for not allowing me to sign in on youtube with any of my devices. Android phone & laptop which are all up to date with updated. Chrome too as my goto browser.
I have tried all the resets and unplugged the chromecast unit from the power supply, same with router and wifi box.
Removed mains power from all and waited 3 to 10 minutes a few time over the last few days and still I can not sign in to youtube.
My passwords are all sync'd and up to date as well.
I would appreciate your help with this.

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I have the same issue, YouTube front page is up on TV but I am no longer signed in.  If sign is selected there are no accounts shown, just the "sign in for the best experience"   if that is selected a screwed up sign in box appears that will just take you back to the first one.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for the additional info. I've merged this thread to a similar trending issue in this post. Our team is aware of this issue and I'd suggest that you keep an eye on that thread for future updates and troubleshooting as this thread will automatically close once merged.




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Fortunately my AMAZON Firestick is working correctly just seem to be a lot more adds.  Maybe I'll upgrade if Google buys back my Chromecast.

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2nd and 3rd gen Chromecasts no longer allow you to sign in. You must cast directly from the mobile app (Android AND iOS, specifically tried Galaxy S21+ and iPhone 12 mini but that doesn’t matter).

As of 12JUN2022 my 2nd gen “CHORIZO” failed to sign in. Autoplay switch (both on controlling mobile device AND in YouTube Chromecast settings) has no effect: YouTube-selected video plays anyway, and of course it has absolutely nothing to do with what you want to watch.

Factory reset has no effect.

As of 21JUN2022 a new-in-box 3rd gen “CAPRICA” performs exactly the same after initial setup.

Despite sign in being broken, these Chromecast devices are still being sold new, and advertised they work with YouTube.

The YouTube app on Chromecast nags the user at start-up to log in, then prevents logging in.

Suggestions are not tailored to the user, yet the YouTube app on Chromecast recommends signing in.

Playback cast from Pixel 5 occasionally results in ads being inserted into the video content, despite YouTube on the phone being signed in to premium.

Autoplay on Chromecast is forced on, with no combination of settings being successful in turning autoplay off.


(From the other Can't Sign into YouTube on Chromecast thread):


So I have explicitly asked the YouTube team if there was any advanced warning given for this deprecation, and for a link to said notification - this is the exchange (viewable here and in replies):

--- [me]

I'm afraid I was not privy to any advance notification about this extremely disappointing removal of (what I deem) vital functionality before it took effect. Could you kindly share a link to this, please?

--- [@TeamYouTube]

While you may not get a response, we review feedback given. This is how we collect info and prioritize requests.

--- [me]

So the answer is "no, because we didn't send any advance notification of feature deprecation". You can see how that looks to loyal customers, right? It looks like underhanded planned obsolescence.


So... yeah. If I were to be optimistic, I'd summarise that as, "not hopeful".


However I have made a suggestion as to how they could provide recompense for this issue:

--- [me]

I would suggest that you set up a giveaway of the newer Chromecast that DOES actually support this functionality to all customers paying for YT Premium. Else I fear you will lose a lot of them (including me).


I will keep this thread updated with anything they respond with, if anything.

However it may be worth holding on a little bit longer - if I thought of it, someone on their end must have.


To increase the possibility that this might actually be heeded, I encourage as many of you as are willing to go to the @TeamYouTube Twitter page and make a similar complaint and, if unsatisfied with their response, let them know as best you can how much that affects your decision to continue paying for their services.

(My original complaint to them is at the top of the thread linked at the start of this post).

REMEMBER TO TAG ALL OF THE APPLICABLE ACCOUNTS WITH EVERY RESPONSE YOU MAKE, otherwise they'll ignore you - to reiterate, they are:

@TeamYouTube @YouTube @YouTubeCreators @Google @madebygoogle @GoogleUK

Should you also wish to do so, others have added the #ChromecastCantSignIn tag their threads, which certainly makes sense (especially if it ends up trending and become more visible). Up to you guys, though.


I'm a big fan of Google, and would be hugely upset if they did not end up doing the right thing. However, even if they don't, it hopefully makes it less likely that they will pull this kind of stunt again.

Good luck, everyone!

It's pretty clear by the lack of communication from Google that this is done, they've had over a week to tell us they are working on it. So I'm out. Literally just submitted a refund request for YouTube premium family, and signed up for Spotify premium family.


The way is see it, the cost is the same, both ways I get music and YouTube ads. So I'm better off voting with my feet.. at least this way I'm not rewarding those jerks for removing functionality after I purchased $400 worth of Chromecast devices.

I don't blame you in the slightest for bailing, I think I would if I wasn't so stubborn.

I hope Spotify treats you a bit better ❤️

Fresh anger on this when an ad for YT Premium literally appeared on the screen - posted a fresh tweet with the Sign Up button showing the "can't sign in error" 😡😡


RE: my earlier post, I'm told that @madebygoogle is the account to make noise at (though if you have the characters, it makes sense to include all of the mentioned accounts).

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for posting. I've merged this thread to a similar trending issue in this post. I'd suggest that you keep an eye on that thread for future updates and troubleshooting as this thread will automatically close once merged.




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Huh. Maybe we should create one for ULTRA/STEAK as well. Then we can merge thst one too, and Google can more efficiently ignore just one post instead of three.

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Had the same problem, contacted Made By Google twitter support. Linked this thread, referenced some other tweets with the same issue, expressed how difficult it is to feel like anyone at Google cares about users. I was told I'd be given an update later, instead a few days later they tried to close my support ticket and had the gall to ask me for a review of my support experience. I complained some more, they promised again they would get back to me with an update. 
Finally got that update, it reads as follows:

June 28 2022:
We're back, Andrew and we've got an update with our team. We've checked and it looks like the option to directly sign in with a YouTube account is no longer supported for the other versions of Chromecast aside from Chromecast with Google TV. We understand how inconvenient this could be and rest assured that we're always looking for ways to improve. In the meantime, you can still manually cast from your YouTube app with your premium account signed in. See more details here:

I don't even know what to say. They really genuinely couldn't care less. How long would my new Chromecast with TV last before they arbitrarily remove more basic functionality? This is absolutely insane and I know perfectly well that no matter how frustrated I am and no matter how much I complain, nobody with the power to do anything will ever even see it. 

How long would my new Chromecast with TV last before they arbitrarily remove more basic functionality?”

This right here. I cannot find where in the fine print nobody reads there is anything about removing such a feature. But if nothing is done, they will continue to do it. It may be a cheap device, but they want to squeeze every penny out of it as possible. In the end, they will likely drop Chromecast altogether, and start selling much more expensive units. The ChromeCast with Google TV is probably going to turn into just “Google TV,” and it will become a $100 item in a few years when they drop support.


There are plenty of alternatives. I am using my PS4. Wait until that gets pulled too. Then I’ll go to Apple TV. Period. Yeah, it costs more. Yeah, it is no better. But Google is no longer any better than Apple and my entire ecostructure was built around that trust. In Google We Thrust.

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It's just money and don't you always want the latest greatest gadget on the market? Google thinks so.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


Thanks for being patient while our team is looking into this. Here is the update from our team regarding the two issues you’re experiencing:


1. Cannot sign into the YouTube app on Chromecasts: This is working as intended. Signing in to YouTube using older Chromecast generations isn't supported since we released them and it hasn't changed since then. You can still cast from your YouTube app using your phone without the need to sign in to your Chromecast. If you control playback of your phone, you are using the account on your mobile device.

2. Seeing ads if I am a premium member: This happens when a user who is a premium member is casting to a TV which is not signed into that premium account. As long as you are using the phone to control playback, all activity is associated with your mobile identity. However, if you use the remote to interact with playback, the TV identity is associated and then it's possible a premium user would see ads. 


While they are working to resolve the 2nd issue, we encourage you to use your phones for controlling playback while casting (something most Chromecast users do already today).



There is also the following issues with the Chromecast Youtube App.

  1. Auto-play turning on when casting to pre-Google TV Chromecasts, and ads being shown on Auto-played content - even if your a Premium Youtube Subscriber.
  2. Using your TV Remote to pause and skip on pre-Google TV Chromecasts sometime results in the same behaviour.
  3.    Chromecast with Google TV still sometimes shows ads on YouTube Kids even with Premium 

For pre-Google TV Chromecasts it would be far preferable for the Youtube App to disable the on screen interface entirely, reverting older Chromecasts to previous Youtube Chromecast Apps and back-porting functionality to access the current Youtube service.

Further to this, the Chromecast app doesn't seem to automatically time out / close after any amount of time spent idle (not playing a video), though the "old" simple receiver app used to.  This could be damaging to some TVs/screens as it could lead to burn in if unintentionally left idle for an extended period (falling asleep while watching a video, for instance).

While my preferred solution is for sign in to be re-enabled (limited to a single account, if necessary - as others have said here, multi-account sign in is by no means necessary), my second choice would be go to back to the simple receiver-only app which timed out after a couple of minutes of idle.  Leaving us with the interactive app which sometimes shows us (even Premium subscribers) ads, always shows irrelevant suggestions and refuses to sign us in without telling us why, is the absolute worst option.

Edit: I'm on a Chromecast Ultra, for what it's worth.  Was logged in for months, before experiencing the same as everyone else here - spontaneous sign out and inability to sign back in.

Can you please clarify

"Signing in to YouTube using older Chromecast generations isn't supported since we released them and it hasn't changed since then."

This is such an inexcusably baffling statement in this context, I genuinely don't understand what you mean. Mine has worked absolutely fine with my account signed in for nearly two years now, UNTIL it STOPPED working for me and everyone else in this thread only weeks ago.

Please, can someone just read all the feedback in this thread and give a genuine real explanation for why this change was made? 

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I still don't understand why it wasn't left how it was. I cast YouTube from my phone and I'm automatically signed in on the interface. Sounds like a simple idea.

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You can still control playback from youp phone, which is connected to premium, and not see ads. This is correct.

However, if you try to play something that's age restricted you have to use the remote to confirm you want to play it. Now that you're not signed in you can't confirm, it just skips that video, likely because it doesn't know your age. 

This behavior with requiring confirm while casting was annoying even when you could confirm because you shouldn't have to and you didn't have to in mobile app or on web. 

The best solution to this **bleep** show is to drop the YouTube app from the chromecast firmware altogether or just let us downgrade to a pre-app firmware. As it is now it's in a state where it's getting unusable because Google decided to add a YouTube app with a remote to that no one ever asked for. Chromecast worked just the way most of us wanted it to before that happened 

The question now is why.

The answer is probably: Because we are Google, and we can.

If it was required to do this in order to have multiple sign-in available in the API for the next-gen devices, well, that’s a feature nobody seemed to ask for. And now the older devices can’t sign in at all.

I still stand by my statement that the timing is impeccable. Third-generation model is not quite four years old. It is still being sold in major retail outlets. Chromecast with Google TV is more expensive (but not as expensive as Ultra, granted) but currently is the only option to get what we want through a Made By Google product. So it seems like a slap in the face: unannounced function limitation to force users into an upgrade. And right before a cheaper version is to be released.

My Ultra is being used simply so that my 4K TV can be used to stream Paramount+ and other apps which my 4K TV does not have apps for. Luckily, it has YouTube. But now I wonder, how long is that going to continue to work as intended, before Google pulls THAT functionality? Suddenly, we’re finding out that Google doesn’t want you to really have control over your own devices after all.

It’s be a gesture of good faith if Google provides replacements free of charge for Ultra “STEAK” and 3rd gen “CAPRICA” units.

I’d be a sign of no faith if everybody who realized what was happening suddenly quit Made By Google products AND services.

If we’re going to be slaves to a corporation, me might as well be slaves to masters who are at least honest about their practices. But it’s probably a case where there aren’t enough of us to warrant a change.

Follow the money.

Basic Chromecast: $50AUD from JB HiFi, one off, Google probably makes nothing on it.


Annual YouTube Premium: $215/year, every year, straight into Google's pocket.

So the real money is in subscriptions. Imagine having the balls to screw over your customers knowing your product (premium) is so universal, nobody is actually going to quit?!?

So I've done the following:

- installed a Pinhole DNS and block all ads (should see the % of denied URLs that are Google related). Cost me nothing is running on an original raspberry pi I had left over from an old project.

- disconnected and Chromecast connected to a smart TV (the old TVs aren't smart TVs)

- for the Chromecast I can't leave behind, removed the "help google" options so they get no usage data from me 

- switched to using the YouTube apps on the smart TVs to at least retain recommendations and turn off the bloody annoying autoplay 

- ended my YouTube premium subscription (and send my money to Spotify instead, after a week it seems to me a much better product than YouTube music anyway)



My God, the genius of it!

Working as intended?


 Needless to say, this isn’t what Google calls “the best experience.” I would HARDLY call this “as intended.”

Hell, I forgot about my Chromecast Audio! I don’t use it, but my wife used to complain if it wasn’t working in the kitchen on the Sony mini system. She hasn’t complained recently, so maybe it still works. But yeah, I bought one of those too. I mean, I’ve given Google way more money than they deserve. I convinced the whole family (wife, stepdaughters, and in-laws) to switch from iPhone to Android when I joined the family. How the hell am I going to explain to them how wrong I was?

1. If it was never supported, why was the feature rolled out? This exact feature upgrade in my first Chromecast is why I went and bought the other four. So as a customer, the entire purpose of buying 4/5 of the devices I own was for this now defunct, but never supported feature? Of course I'm infuriated by this feature being cut.

2. It ANY time someone uses the remote, or if someone uses google home controls to pause playback from a device not logged in. In fact, if you're not jealously protecting playback from anyone in the family from doing the things they've become accustomed to over the last couple of years, BAM! Now you're watching ads.


In short. Jam it.

Thanks for posting this, @JenniferV  - I really appreciate you making the effort to continue to pursue and update us on this.

However point 1 of the response you have shared is categorically incorrect, which should be inherently obvious from the number of people in this thread and others complaining of the same thing - for several months we were able to sign into the YouTube app from our older, non-GTV enabled Chromecast devices and we have clearly become accustomed to this functionality.

I'll concede that the feature was not present when I originally purchased any of my Chromecast devices, however this is not the same as what your team is reporting who appear to believe that this feature was never present on the devices (unless they are pedantically claiming that a feature can be present but not "supported", which I'm afraid only makes things worse). It also doesn't excuse the fact that this functionality was removed from these older devices with no warning whatsoever.

I, and I'm sure at least some others experiencing this issue, am willing to accept the fact that the older devices no longer support this issue and forgive the mistake, so long as Alphabet / Google rectify the issue by running a promotion whereby YouTube Premium customers can receive a free replacement Chromecast device that does support this functionality (similar to the offer run a year or so ago with Google Stadia). This would not alleviate everybody's concerns and would not guarantee everybody's continued loyalty to your services, however I think it could be seen to be doing "enough" to make amends for what is being interpreted as an intentional obsolescence of the older Chromecast devices.

Please let me know if you would be willing to put this to Google and, if so, how they respond. Should this not be forthcoming, I unfortunately predict that the damage this will do to the Chromecast user and YouTube Premium subscriber bases will not be recoverable for some time.

Thanks very much in advance.

Wow. Working as intended? Nerfing working hardware and being annoying as f**k was the goal?!?

At least give us the control to uninstall the youtube app and revert the software to a less annoying version. 

I really dislike the "f**k you" attitude google is sporting ATM...

"...your membership benefits are available across all devices with access to YouTube.""...your membership benefits are available across all devices with access to YouTube."

"Oh, but YouTube isn't available on that model," right?

"Note: YouTube bay not be available on some device models, even if the device manufacturer is listed below.""Note: YouTube bay not be available on some device models, even if the device manufacturer is listed below."


God, do you need lawyers to explain it to you? Not that you people are worth the millions it would cost but this is absolutely ridiculous.

So now not only am I paying another $40-$50 for a new Chromecast, but before my Google One subscription renews, I am switching over to iCloud. Same price. So that's another $119.88/year you WON'T be getting from me. Imagine the savings... if Google just replaced the devices, they could continue to make money from anyone who makes this move. God knows what the Chromecasts actually COST, but we know that the One Drive must be breaking even by now. Why build giant crypto-mining servers when you can just mine PEOPLE for CHEAP?

Or is that internal slogan gone with "Don't Be Evil."?Or is that internal slogan gone with "Don't Be Evil."?

Just like NATO trying to prevent russian escalation, a lack of action only made matters worse. Just like Macron and Scholz trying to talk the aggressor down, you asked me not to go to social media and keep it here. And NOTHING. Doing nothing, not providing solutions, not bringing this to Google’s attention, or allowing Google make you ignore it, is as bad as an attack.

I went to your Twitter team and they were just as apathetic. So I went back again today. This time, publicly, because the DM they insisted on went unanswered.

1. Sorry, but that's total BS. While it was true in the beginning, the Chromecast later got the same YouTube app as TVs and Android TV. Since then it was possible to log in, and it might even have happened automatically.

Some news articles that prove how factually wrong that first statement is:

Please tell the team that they are objectively wrong. The fact that they don't know this is hugely embarrassing to be honest.

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I'm sorry but am I missing something here, thousands of people have been happily signed in to and using their Chromecast without issues for years.  This team you refer to needs a boot up the a***, please pass this on to them. 

Same here.

I am definitely pissed.

Do I really have to buy a new Chromecast now. Really??

Is that what you call "Premium"? Thanks for nothing.