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I'm getting ads on YouTube when casting to Chromecast (2nd Generation) despite I have Premium.

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I'm getting ads on my Chromecast (2nd Generation) and I do not know why.

This problem started a couple of days ago when I started getting ads on YouTube-videos on my (Chromecast 2nd gen) even though I have Youtube Premium Lite (It is a cheaper version of Premium but the difference is that it only removes ads, it is so far only available in Europe). This has never been an issue before. 


I figured this would stop I logged in but when I tried to log in I received this error message:


Basically it says in Swedish that I can't log in to this TV but that I can still watch as a guest.

I rarely watch YouTube on anything other than my Chromecast so it would be good to know if I should end my subscription to Premium Lite or if this problem can be solved.




BIG UPDATE: YouTube is now claiming on my post about this on Twitter that this issue has been solved. But from what I see it hasn't because alot of YouTube-users are still commenting on this post and showing photos which clearly shows this is still a problem.


Link to my post on Twitter:

Twitter reply.png

506 REPLIES 506

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Here is my current update after testing and receiving the following email:

Thanks for your patience while we worked on fixing this issue with getting ads while casting to Chromecast. We rolled out some changes that should have fixed this for all users, and you should now be able to cast to your chromecast. If that's not the case and you're still running into the same issue, please let me know, and I'll work with you to troubleshoot this further.

Let me know if you need anything else.


I have/had two issues:

First Issue:  Chromecast NC2-6A5 (this is the model number on back but it looks exactly like a 3rd gen) plugged into an amplifier.  Nest Audio speaker that has the default audio device set to the chromecast.  When casting to the chromecast, no ads.  When I tell the Nest Audio Speaker to play something, I start to get ads.  This issue is NOT resolved.  One thing to note, I plugged in a Chromecast w/GTV, set that as the default audio on the nest speaker.  Told the speaker to play some songs, NO ADS.

Second Issue:  Chromecast NC2-6A5.  Chromecast plugged into a different amplifier.  Cast from Youtube Music  on a Microsoft Surface to the chromecast.  I never received ads until this past Monday, when it started to play ads.  This is now RESOLVED.

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We are almost there. Chromecast now shows the QR Code to activate the account, only thing missing is the code (now it says "loading" forever). Come on, you almost got it back to work!

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Wait, is Google seriously saying to Premium subscribers, "buy a new one or get ads"?!  really?!  if that's the case I guess I'll save some $... we better get an answer quickly, this month's almost over and I WILL CANCEL

I'm paraphrasing, but yes.


The change to prevent you logging in was deliberate. This means the device itself is a generic guest user, and so your premium account doesn't apply.


They argue that you just need to cast every single video from a device logged in, but that's buggy, and randomly the Chromecast takes control and you're back to watching ads. Seems worse if multiple people are casting in a party sense.


Also, for those with young kids, the generic account and algorithm serves up recommendations to the TV that at times are not appropriate for children, and even worse, the autoplay defaults to on, so if the Chromecast takes control, the autoplay plus algorithm results in a bit of a spiral into the depths of humanities worse videos.

My PlayStation4 still works beautifully. Just saying

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Just checked both my chromecasts. Sign in is still disabled.

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Latest reply

Unfortunately the only chromecast compatible to no ads is the Chromecast with the Google Tv, the other chromecast do have ads and at the moment there's no way to fix them, also we're not able to give you a new chromecast, in this case I'd recommend you to use the chromecast that doesn't have the issue so you can avoid ads.


If you have any further questions I'll be glad to help.






And with ad pushing behaviour from YouTube, I'm finding that YouTube casting on anything but the Chromecast with Google TV to be so irritating to be unusable.


I'm using Chromecast with Google TV with my premium YouTube account in my living room,

with my  Chromecast Ultra relegated to the bedroom for Netflix & other streaming services. 


This does not deal with the numerous complaints I get from all my extended family and friends to whom I recommended getting a non-smart TV and a Chromecast dongle because I thought it would be more future proof. 

Yeah, I'm using the TV for it's YouTube interface when I absolutely have to (the family still can't get away from YouTube), and the Chromecast Ultra for Curiosity Stream, MotoGP and Netflix.


Still seems ridiculous that the **bleep**ty LG YouTube app performs better than Google's own product.



As soon as I can settle on a decent non-google product that works in Australia (ie, Roku is out because Telstra are dicks), I'll be starting the Google obsolescence management program at home. My goal is to have left all google products behind by Christmas this year.

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Any update on this. It just happened to me as well

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Not really. "Buy a new one" is the message we have gotten so far.

Google does not care.

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Happends to me too - just bought a NEW CHROMECAST ULTRA to find out that I was basically scammed.

Absolutely horrible. Something for Killed By Google 

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This has been going on for too long for Google not to have noticed and subsequently decided to ignore the complaints and lamented cries of wasted time as incurred by us users. Basically Google has unashamedly stuck up a big fat middle finger at its Premium, and often loyal, subscribers.

YouTube Premium is being cancelled.

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I subscribed to premium today to see if it would solve the exact problem you also have. it didn't. I viewed a number of videos on my phone without seeing any ads, and when I cast to Chromecast the ads were there... like I never subscribed at all. I too only view YouTube through casting. sucks to be a tech company like YouTube and fail to understand it's consumers. 

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I can cast to YouTube on CC Ultra no problem and don't get ads. I cannot sign in to the YT CC app using the remote feature of the YT phone app. Just says cannot sign in like many others here 

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My Chromecast Ultra’s YouTube app can no longer sign in either as of 3 months ago. It's not just a Chromecast 2nd gen issue. Is nobodyat Google seriously using this Chromecast that comes with Stadia? As an ex-Google employee for 4+ years, seeing this saddens me, but also explains the state of customer trust into Google.

I'll keep tweeting at @madebygoogle on Twitter to bother them, but I highly doubt this issue is on somebody's bug backlog as a low-priority issue to be solved in the next 12 months (if ever).


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I made a post of Twitter to @TeamYouTube about this subject but I don't think that they will reply.

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Same issue, can’t sign in and I’ve been getting adverts on my paid for service.

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Mid October, 2022.

Still a problem. Even Apple adopts technology fixes faster than this.

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Okay, Google is going off the rails now.

First, they KILL YouTube Sign-In on Chromecast. They wanted you to buy the Chromecast with Google TV 4K (GA01919-US) in order to continue using their Sign In function, allowing you to access your YouTube Premium account. Of course, they never mention that they're releasing the Chromecast with Google TV HD (GA03131-US) soon.

Now, the HD version is released, for about $30 as opposed to $50 for the 4K version. But... now there's an increase in YouTube Premium cost.

Now, YouTube is doing me a "favor" by extending my current price plan ($14.99/Family as an early adopter) until April, out of the goodness of their hearts. But that is going to jack up to $22.99/Family. Yet, they still insist that I must pay for two replacement Chromecasts in order to be able to enjoy the benefits of YouTube Premium on my own televisions. At the moment, I have a 4K TV with YouTube built in, but Hulu just ended their own built-in app's functionality. It won't be long before YouTube does the same. That television has a Chromecast Ultra attached, so that we can still watch Hulu and a few other apps. But it won't work with YouTube Premium.

Same story goes for my bedroom TV, a 1080 unit with a 2nd Generation Chromecast. (3rd Generation doesn't work either). I replaced that unit with a PS4, in order to continue using YouTube Premium from the comfort of my bed before I head off to sleep.

I do not care if you can still stream from your phone advertisement-free: That's yet another device required just to watch YouTube. The system worked perfectly well before. There was no good reason for it.

And now they want to charge me an extra $8 per month ($96 per year, more than enough to cover the MSRP of two replacement Chromecasts that actually WORK with YouTube Premium), which is insane.



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I chatted with Google support this morning about this, they are working on a fix (no date yet)

Do you know how many times they’ve said this already?

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Sure, but maybe set aside your vitriol and see what happens. I don't think they'd say they were attempting to fix it if they weren't.

You have been here long enough to have seen the “this was intentional” responses. Please share with us the transcript of your conversation this morning?

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How many months have we heard from different sources in Google that this is:

a. Intentional, and no fix is intended 

b. Being worked on, but no ETA




So this thread seems to have been very well hidden. I did manage to find this little tidbit of wonderfulness though.

Back in April, Evandori4 had an issue signing in and mentioned it in the Google Nest Community. According to JenniferV, it was "fixed" in less than five hours.

THIS thread was started four months and fifteen days ago.



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12:57:52 AM Alex: It shows here that you are having issues with your YouTube  Premium when casting, because it is showing ads on your Chromecast Ultra is that right?
12:58:36 AM Mark: That's correct - you could previously sign in to the ultra and see your own recommendations and benefit from premiums no adverts, but it no longer lets you and says sign in is not available
1:00:22 AM Alex: Our engineering team is still working on it and they coordinating with the respective teams for this.
1:00:43 AM Mark: Ah, great! So a fix is incoming at some point in the future?
1:01:10 AM Alex: You are right, however, we don't have a definite date and time yet. 
1:01:40 AM Mark: That's fine, it's encouraging that it's being worked on (when I've asked before, I was told it wasn't being fixed - so this is good news)
1:03:38 AM Alex: There are no permanent solution yet, you are right about that, but they are working on it, since it is affecting Chromecast ultra models.
1:04:10 AM Alex: They are still checking if it is within our network or on the YouTube network.
1:04:25 AM Mark: Ok 👌
1:04:55 AM Alex: Everything here is noted and reported, we just need to wait for the next news or update.

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I have a first generation Chromecast this happened to me just today.  I started seeing ads even though I paid for youtube  premium. I contacted YouTube and they told me the Chromecast had a firmware update that inhibits me from logging in, and the only solution they said was to get a new Chromecast, so I canceled my ytpremium membership.  I recommend everyone do the same that way we can all be heard.  If I'm going to see the ads even though I'm paying for the premium service might as well just not have it.  Seems to me they want us to buy new chromecasts.  When you pay for cable they give you the hardware for free now on YouTube you got to pay for the hardware and the membership and keep changing the hardware whenever they update the firmware. 

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Well done on cancelling your YouTube subscription. It's the only thing that has any power right now. 

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My partner and I both use FitBits, they're both due for replacement/upgrade. I just ordered her a new apple watch, and myself a new Fenix. We're happy enough to spend money when it's due, but I despise forced obsolescence.


Already switched from YouTube music to Spotify just after all this started. And since my office 365 comes with 1TB storage, I'm leaving Google 1 behind, too.


The longer this goes on, the more opportunities for us to switch from Google services and devices.

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9:21:12 AM Chuck C.: I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. but you can actually consider just pausing your service instead of cancelling.
9:22:10 AM Roman Saldarriaga: How long do you think I can use a new Chromecast before this happens again?
9:22:11 AM Chuck C.: Or are you already decided to cancel? Since you 
 just recently made a payment.
9:22:22 AM Roman Saldarriaga: When you get cable the company gives you the hardware.
9:23:10 AM Chuck C.: To be honest, we don't have visibility for that. Since we only have access to the YouTube platform.
9:23:16 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I have to buy the Hardware to enjoy YouTube on my TV and I also have to pay the membership.  I don't mean to be rude but it should be enough with the membership I already have a Chromecast it's perfectly fine except for a line of code that now prohibits me from signing in.  The device is not damaged and it works perfectly fine except I can't log in
9:24:16 AM Chuck C.: This limitation is not within our control. This device is not from us. 
9:24:43 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Its a Google device.  As is youtube
9:26:05 AM Chuck C.: I totally understand where you're coming from. I can take that as a feedback to share to our product team.
9:26:22 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Please do.
9:26:27 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Will pausing the service pause the recurring payments to the service?
9:27:06 AM Chuck C.: The pausing will start at the end of your billing cycle.
9:27:15 AM Chuck C.: If you will be deciding to pause.
9:27:32 AM Roman Saldarriaga: So, my only option is to get a new chromecast?  Can you guarantee I will be able to log in with a new one?
9:27:53 AM Chuck C.: Yes.
9:28:21 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I don't think that's fair. I payed the month already.  I have to watch ads after paying not to.
9:28:32 AM Chuck C.: This only affects Gen 1 versions, since they made a recent firmware update.
9:28:59 AM Chuck C.: I can assist you with the cancellation if you want to.
9:29:33 AM Roman Saldarriaga: To be honest it makes no sense, it's your Hardware your software.  Looks like a move to get more money.  Firmware updates to kick out your customer so they have to purchase again
9:30:52 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I payed for the month the 22nd of this month. Will I get a refund?
9:31:08 AM Chuck C.: I apologize if you feel that way, but YouTube is a totally different platform than Google Chromecast. However, I will respect your feedback and make sure to share this to our product team.
9:31:19 AM Chuck C.: I can request a refund for you.
9:31:53 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Please.  I belive its fair.  I just payed for the month a few days ago.
9:32:23 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I'm coming back, I can live without YouTube to tell you the truth but a bit of fairness would be nice.
9:33:01 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I just need to find the Chromecast and I'm in Colombia, South America. they're not very available here.  It took me a couple of weeks to find one to give us a gift to my brother
9:33:29 AM Chuck C.: I definitely understand your situation, Roman. I'm a user myself and I can imagine how concerning this is. So I will help you get a refund about this account.
9:34:10 AM Chuck C.: I have recorded all of your feedback. I will make sure that you will not be left unheard.
9:34:41 AM Chuck C.: Processing the refund now. One moment please.
9:34:58 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Thanks Chuck
9:35:17 AM Chuck C.: You're welcome. One moment.
9:35:41 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I can't live without youtube.. Is what I meant 😊
9:36:38 AM Chuck C.: Thanks for waiting.
9:37:46 AM Chuck C.: We appreciate that, Roman. I apologize for the inconvenience this has brought you, but I have now able to issue a full refund for you.
9:38:20 AM Chuck C.: Just to set your expectation, access stops today, but no more charges in the future unless you resubscribe.
9:39:48 AM Roman Saldarriaga: I will again soon
9:39:48 AM Chuck C.: The refund of COP 17,900.00 will be credited back to your payment method on file in 3 - 5 business days or sometimes up to 10 business days depending on your bank.
9:39:58 AM Chuck C.: You will also receive an email confirmation to serve as your receipt.
9:40:17 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Thanks for your help Chuck
9:40:35 AM Roman Saldarriaga: Whats the latest version of cromecast?  Do you know?
9:41:07 AM Chuck C.: You're welcome. I apologize, but I not sure, but you can try to check the settings menu of your Chromecast.
9:41:57 AM Chuck C.: Do you still have other concerns about YouTube Premium?
9:42:53 AM Chuck C.: Well, if you don't have any additional questions, there is a short survey coming up in this chat window about our interaction and we'd really appreciate your feedback. Take care!
9:42:56 AM Chuck C.: Chuck C. left the conversation
9:42:57 AM Chuck C.: Thanks for contacting YouTube and Play Music. Please take a moment to give us your feedback on your chat session: 

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Instead of the error message when trying to log in, it now reports "sign in not supported on this device"

That's the Chromecast ultra in my case. So at least it's official, it's no longer a bug that's being looked into.

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I am experiencing the same issue.  I pay for youtube premium and experience the issue when I cast from YouTube Music to chromecast and not from YouTube.  Additionally it only happens when I cast via spoken voice to one of my google home devices asking it to play x from youtube music on chromecast.  When I cast the same from home or computer by hitting the cast button the issue is not experienced.

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I noticed past few days I wasn't getting anymore adds on my 2nd gen Chromecast. Didn't do anything, they just stopped showing.

Classic Google, nerfing good stuff left and right while shooting themselves in the leg...

I started to experience terrible quality, so I thought I would try playing from the chromecast directly, but need to be logged in to see my recommendations, but no longer supported, because Google hates a good thing. 

This is why Apple is so successful... 


Guess I'll try something else since watching in 144p ain't much fun... 


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Same problem here in Canada with Chromecast 2nd gen

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Help? Google?? 

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I am getting ads still. Very annoying 

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Impossible to sign in on YouTube or yt music on chromecastw/ TV. Also in premium.

6 month thread, fix coming?