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No option to connect bluetooth speaker on Google Home app

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Hi everyone, I just bought a 3rd Gen Chromecast to connect my Android phone to my TV and I wanted to play audio through my bluetooth speaker when casting onto the TV but there doesn't seem to be any option for it. I can see the instructions online telling me to go to "settings" and then "Audio" on the top right for the device, however when I enter it there is no option for pairing Bluetooth audio. Only available options in "Audio" are Groups, Group Delay Correction, and Surround Sound Mode.


There was another thread from March 2021 having the same issue and the recommended answer was to update the Google Home app. However, my app is updated as of September 15 2021 and I'm still having this issue.

Any idea what the solution may be? 



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 here is the screenshot in "audio".

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

That model can't push sound to a Bluetooth Speaker.  That's why you can't find the option.


Only the new Chromecast with Google TV (the oblong version that comes with a remote) can do that.  NONE of the other models can do that.