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ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! Once again Google cannot find or operate my Vizio 43" V series television! This is about the 8th time for this particular TV and about the 26th overall - I have 2 Vizio TV's - a 43" V series & a 32" D series BOTH have Chromecast built in. Now when saying hey google turn on my TV it fails to do so - it used to work with NO problem flawlessly - now it's freaking crapshoot! Google is currently saying "sorry I'm not sure which device you want me to control" AGAIN! I AM SICK OF THIS - IT TOOK YOU 2 YEARS TO FIX THIS THE 1ST TIME NOW EVERY MONTH IT BREAKS AGAIN! MY Google home hub is up to date - I checked the firmware, my Google home app is up to date, my TV has not updated recently so that is not the problem.

When I ask Google to turn EVERYTHING on, it still turns EVERYTHING on INCLUDING both Vizio TV's! But it won't control my TV if I ask Google to turn on my TV - and even when I say turn on my LIVING ROOM TV - it STILL says sorry I don't know which device you want me to control even tho it's still connected to the app and I use the word LIVING ROOM!

Get your crap together Google!