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TV source icon got Chromecast has changed.

Community Member

When I 1st set up Chromecast on my Samsung TV, the source list showed a white "Chromecast" icon. Yesterday, I was casting Prime Video from my Samsung tablet to the TV. Suddenly, it was like the connection was broken and both my tablet & TV were casting the same series episode but at different scenes. I shut down Prime, then my tablet yet Chromecast continued to stream. I tried to cast something else but the Chromecast wasn't available. I shut off TV but when I turned it back on Chromecast was still streaming. I unplugged it from HDMI but when I plugged it back in the scene was frozen and connection arrow spinning. I unlinked from Google Home and tried a re-install. Afterwards, there was no Chromecast source icon, only a device icon titled "Unknown" with an HDMI logo. I tried rebooting Chromecast but still a generic icon. Please, how do I get the original Chromecast source icon back.