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Youtube TV - Temporary Freeze-frame (~5 sec) after quick rewind

Community Member

NOTE - I think this issue may be isolated to playback on Chromecasts (casting via YTTV app)

Been using YTTV for only about 1 month. Anyone experienced the below?

Ever since I started using it, probably the most frustrating part of it for me has been the "freeze-frame" that regularly occurs (maybe 75% of the time) when I fast forward or rewind. But I think it mostly occurs when I quick forward or quick rewind, using the back-15sec/forward-15sec button on either side of the pause button on my screen.

When I say freeze-frame, I am not talking about the whole system freezing and being unresponsive, needing a reboot or channel change as I've seen lots of complaints about. I am talking about the audio and playback continuing, but the video freezes for about 5 seconds. I'm usually watching sports, and when this happens I have to hope that I'm not missing a big play during those 5 seconds, and I just listen till the video starts moving again (catches up). If I do miss something in that timeframe, yes I can hit the back-15sec button to try to watch it, but most of the time when I try that it will do the freeze frame again (either on the same spot, or on a different random spot).

I mostly watch on a chromecast. I occasionally watch on a device (my phone or laptop), and I do feel like it happens much less often on these devices, perhaps not at all. So maybe it's a chromecast issue (but I don't see my chromecasts struggle with freeze frames on other apps I cast...though perhaps I'v e seen it sometimes when casting regular youtube videos).