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android 12 -- deficiencies

Community Member

Android 12 for chromecast google tv has a number of changes from the previous version that make it less user friendly.  My hope is that these deficiencies are addressed with an update to android 12.

  1. 'Enable unknown sources' is not available with android 12.  There is a back door that will enable unknown sources and I will get it to that in another post.  It would be more convenient if 'security and restrictions' was reinstated. 
  2. In the previous version 'See all apps' appeared as the last button under 'Your apps' on the homepage.  In version 12 if you want to see all apps you have to go through settings > apps > see all apps. It would be very convenient if the 'See all apps' button would be reinstated under 'Your apps' on the homepage.
  3. Only apps from Google Store appear on the homepage under 'Your apps'.  It would be great if side loaded apps would appear under 'Your apps' on the homepage.  As it is now one has to go through settings > apps > see all apps. 
  4. It would be wonderful if you could remove apps under 'Your apps' on the homepage without uninstalling the app.  Also, it would be nice if apps could be moved from settings > apps > see all apps to 'Your apps' on the homepage. 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello rimijo,


We appreciate users who are keen on giving us their thoughts so we can take our devices to the next level. I'd suggest you send feedback about this via Google TV. Here's how.


Let me know if you have other questions and concerns otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.